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Monday, January 20, 2014

Locked Up or Not Cookies Are Not Safe Around Sam and Me

Been caught with your hand in the cookie jar lately?

Now there’s a new way for your mother, wife, daughter, whomever, to keep your sticky fingers out of those Toll House goodies, those buttery-rich Snicker doodles, those coconut macaroons and those oatmeal raisin chewies . The Kitchen Safe cookie jar, as advertised in the January/February issue of Food Network Magazine (page 36), “has a lockable lid that keeps you from over-snacking.”

But how can over snacking on cookies be a problem? Define over-snacking.

The Kitchen Safe is a clear plastic box-like container that has a lid with a digital timer on the top. The advertisement for The Kitchen Safe says, “Fill it with cookies or candy, then set the timer. I’ll stay sealed for up to 10 days - with no override option. “

No override option? For 10 days! What the . . .? Looks to me like the Kitchen Safe might succumb to a hefty crowbar though - or a small pipe bomb. I’m telling you man, you don’t want to get between Sam and me and our cookies! I am the original Cookie Monster. That dude on Sesame Street could never keep up with me when it comes to munching cookies. Sam has become quite the cookie monster too. If he even thinks I’m opening up a bag of cookies he comes a runnin’.

When I was a kid my mother tried in vain to hide cookies from me. But I always sniffed them out. She got so exasperated she once hid some chocolate chippers in the wash machine. Shoot! I found them. “I can’t believe you can eat so many cookies my mom would yell at me.”

Of course, I wasn’t quite the cookie monster my mother thought I was. I actually sold most of her cookies to neighbor kids. We lived in this low-cost housing project in Paso Robles. California, in those days and a lot of Fort Ord army families lived there too, and those Army brats (uh, kids) always seemed to have nickels or dimes (allowances I guess) to spend. One day a kid begged me to give him one of my mother’s cookies, but I made him pay a nickel for it and a young entrepreneur was born. Soon, every time my mother baked cookies the word went out and as soon as mom left the house a line formed at our kitchen window. A couple of times I made so much money selling cookies I was afraid my mother would find out so I ran up to the nearby neighborhood store and bought yo-yos or candy or something I could hide. I’m surprised my sister never squealed on me.

One of those Kitchen Safes could be kind of handy, just not for keeping cookies locked up. Sam and I suggest broccoli or certain other vegetables be put in there. Ten days without eating some of that stuff would be wonderful. Sam thinks so too. He’s wagging his tail just thinking about freeing up some cookies!

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