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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love Your Dog. You will Never Have A Better Companion

Sam farted in my truck this week. I was driving him to the park for our walk when he cut loose with a big SBD phewy. The smell was so gross, my tongue swelled up, my eyes bugged out and I thought for a minute my life was over because I’d been gassed by terrorists.

It’s hard to believe Sam’s flatulence stems from what I feed him because he doesn’t eat that much. The reason I bring this whole flatulence thing up though is so I can talk about how much I love my dog - as we say in our wedding vows, “for better or for worse.” I vowed when I adopted Sam that I would love him always and that I would never forsake him. A little stink bomb now and then isn’t going to send me packing.

A lot of people do forsake their dogs. How sad. I don’t know about the rest of you but I almost can’t watch those television ads for the ASCPA where they show pictures of all those pathetic abandoned and abused dogs. OMG! It tears my heart out to see the looks on the faces of those poor animals.

I read in the local paper yesterday that a guy was facing felony animal abuse charges because he lost his temper with his girlfriend’s cockapoo who wouldn’t stop barking. The guy punched the little pooch, fracturing its skull, breaking its jaw and ribs; it had to be put down. How could a person do that? And I also read somewhere that some people dumped a dog out on a freeway off ramp and drove off without it; that actually happens quite frequently. Then there was the story about somebody kidnapping a little dog and demanding a $60 ransom to give him back to his owners. Only $60 though? What did that dog-napper need money for, I wonder - to buy a toke of our state’s newly-legalized marijuana? The stuff cost’s way more than that doesn’t it?

Sam and I like this pledge that I found on the LOTL Rescue animal welfare Facebook page:
“ I will never move and not take you with me. I will never sell you for money. I will never put you in a shelter and leave. I will never just keep you for your puppy days. I will never let you starve. I will never let you hurt. I will never desert you when you get old and blind.”

You also might enjoy reading a heart-rending story called Tank the Dog on the internet blog called "One Marine’s View." The story may be a complete fabrication, but it really speaks to the plight of some dogs and how loving them can turn their lives around. The story is about a black Lab left at a shelter by a young Marine who was shipped overseas to fight in Afghanistan. The dog was adopted by another guy who wasn’t bonding all that well with the dog until the new owner read a letter the Marine had left with his dog.

Enjoy your dog or dogs while you have them. You never know what unfortunate circumstances might separate you. Sam’s wagging his tail 'cause he's glad we're together. Me too!

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