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Monday, September 30, 2013

Maybe You Can Go Back, But Only for A Little While

I told you in my last blog (Friday) that I would be attending my high school’s 50-year reunion. I was filled with trepidation about that because, not wanting to wallow in nostalgia, I have resisted attending reunions. I generally cannot find any good reason for looking back at the “good old days;” I don’t like dwelling morbidly on them and getting all weepy and gnashing my teeth over my lost youth. I seldom even listen to the popular music of my day in order to avoid over-indulging in nostalgia. What good does it do to hold on to the past? But I did go back this one time.

The reunion was well planned and I laud my former classmates for the job they did. We were feted to an outdoor barbecue on Friday night - and if you know how rainy Fortuna can be this time of year - it was a miracle that we had nice weather. Saturday we toured the old alma mater. It has changed considerably, but sorry to say, because Fortuna was primarily a logging, agricultural and fishing town, the school enrollment has gone down considerably and money to fix the place up has gone with it. Despite new music rooms and a spiffed-up girl’s gym, the boy’s locker room looked (and smelled) like it did when I was there. The whole school looks kind of shabby and that made me sad.

Saturday night was the big to-do, with a banquet and other festivities at the Scotia Inn, a beautiful old inn once owned by the Pacific Lumber Company, which used to be touted as the largest redwood lumber mill in the world. Not anymore.

The reunion went about as I expected. It was good to see my old classmates, but the trouble with a reunion is the fact that you just have enough time to say, “Hi! Remember me? I remember you. How have you been? What are you doing with your life now? Glad we could get together.” And that’s about it. Was it worth all the miles I drove and all the money I spent? Doubtful.

I was astonished at how many people I did not immediately recognize because they had changed so much. One cutesy former cheerleader is now a fat, mouthy, old matron. Another woman I used to think was cute isn’t anymore. On the other hand, a couple of women I took little notice of in high school have matured into rather stunning-looking women. Wow! The guys were mostly rotund and bald, though not all of them. Sadly, nearly 20% of our class had passed away. Makes me wonder who will be left next time around, but I confess I do not plan to ever go back again.

The highlight of the reunion, as far as I’m concerned occurred Saturday afternoon between the high school tour and the banquet. I went to the old drive-in hamburger joint on Main Street, which is now an espresso and sandwich shop, to have some lunch. As I sat outside eating my lunch, Dellie Thompson, a prime organizer of the reunion happened to be driving by and spotted me and pulled in. He sat with me for a good half hour to forty-five minutes and we were able to visit just one on one.

I’ve said more than once that I really value being able to just sit down with somebody and visit with them. I learned more about Dellie in that half hour than I had ever known. Thanks Dellie. I am praying for your wife’s health to be restored.

Too bad time just keeps on slippin.’ Poop on that! Goodbye old classmates. I loved you all (okay, most of you).Sure will be good to get home to Kathleen and Sam.

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