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Friday, September 27, 2013

I Don't Like Looking Back, But for A 50-Year Reunion . . .

I think I’ve said before that I don’t like getting older. Sam’s looking at me now like, who you? Bless you Sam!

But I am pushing the envelope maturity-wise. Today and tomorrow I’ll be attending my high school’s 50-year reunion. It does not seem possible it was that long ago that I was a dumb kid about to graduate without a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I’m still not totally sure although being idly rich sounds appealing.

I attended my 10-year reunion but haven’t had the courage to return to my old alma-mater since. I’m not rich and I’m not famous and I’ve been too insecure whether I’m as virile and better looking than my classmates.

But, I’ve decided all that vanity stuff doesn’t matter anymore. Besides, after looking at pictures of my former classmates in a 45-year reunion booklet, I think I’m holding up pretty well. The thing is, we’re talking about 50 years here. If I don’t attend this reunion, a lot of my old classmates could be gone next time around (me too maybe). About 20 of my class of 200 already have died. A couple of them I wish I could have said goodbye to.

I liked high school a lot. Some of my fondest memories: being asked by the English teacher who was directing our production of Anne Franke’s Diary, to play papa Franke. That was really fun. I also cherish the memory of being chosen by our acappella choir director (a Julliard grad) to sing tenor in a double quartet that would give special performances away from the regular choir. I’m especially fond of the time the whole choir sang a Christmas performance at the old Tudor Eureka Inn. My girlfriend was there with me and that was just a magical time.

I also relish making honor society, receiving a couple of small scholarships to college, of being chosen to conduct one of my favorite teacher’s classes on student teacher day.

I remember dances after football and basketball games, and at proms, where I danced so close to my girlfriend I’m still not sure how we kept from getting arrested.

I remember with fondness that my class spearheaded a drive to get the administration to let us have a homecoming - the first in the history of the school. I remember being on the yearbook staff, of being sponsored as a King candidate by one of the girl’s clubs for one of our Proms. I tell you, I liked high school so much I was one of the few students who didn’t want to leave.

But leave I did. Just like the rest of my classmates - key word here being LEAVE.I have resisted attending reunions and looking back because I just want to keep the good memories close to my heart without dwelling morbidly on them and getting all weepy and gnashing my teeth. I seldom even listen to the music of my youth in order to avoid nostalgia. What good does it do to hold on - even to go back? But I will go back this once.

Three bags of poop if I’m old and ugly now though. I hate that part. Time just keeps on slippin’.

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