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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NFL Engages In Highway Robbery for Superbowl Tickets

The NFL wants us to do what? Pay more for Superbowl tickets!

According to an article in my Wall Street Journal, the NFL moguls have become so jealous of the prices scalpers are getting for reselling Superbowl tickets; the NFL is going to cash in on the booty. So, does this mean they’re going to successfully crowd out the middlemen? Sam and I doubt that. The middlemen still will thrive because you ordinary bozos out there who will be looking for last-minute tickets and are willing to pay anything will still buy them Don’t be surprised though, when the NFL raises ticket prices, so will the scalpers.

An article in the WSJ, written by Matthew Futterman, says the NFL’s scheme will result in “Club-level seats likely to cost $2,600, a mammoth hike from last year’s game in New Orleans, where the top tickets went for $1,250. The next cheapest seats (those in the lower bowl) would cost about $1,500, up from $950 for the second-tier seats sold in New Orleans.”

Great flying pigskins! Kathleen and I can’t even afford to pay what the Seahawks want for their regular game tickets, especially not for premium seats. A couple of years ago, wanting to enjoy the live experience of a game, I bought a block of four game tickets for the two of us. I don’t remember exactly, but I think those cost us around $400 total. That’s a lot of money to us. We both had good jobs and could afford the tickets but why did they have to cost so much? So players could earn inflated salaries that the rest of us could only dream about earning if we won the lottery?

We wound up giving one of our game tickets away. We couldn’t endure the loud, obnoxious and impolite Seahawks fans for even one more game - and now they want to set records for noise levels! At our first game a guy sitting beside us produced a foot-long piece of plastic pipe from a back pack and proceeded to beat the living beejeesus out of the aluminum seats on which we were seated - unceasingly. Did the security people stop him? No. Did I want to shove that pipe where the sun didn’t shine? Oh yeah. But I figured I would be arrested. The second and third games people in front of us thought they needed to stand up the entire game to cheer the Seahawks on. I finally threatened to throw one guy bodily to the bottom of the stadium; it didn’t do any good.

And after hiking up Mount Everest to our seats - where we didn’t dare go downstairs to pee without experiencing a heart attack caused by another climb - we couldn’t take anymore and stayed home to watch the game in the comfort and quiet security of our living room - which just happened to be a few steps away from the bathroom and the refrigerator stocked with beer. We were able to buy a whole six-pack of beer at the grocery store for the price of one beer at the football stadium.

Different teams get different post-season bonuses but last season each Giants player reportedly earned $172,000 in post-season bonuses. Had the Giants lost, they might have earned only about $44,000 each (poor guys). In addition to the $172,000, quarterback Eli Manning was also awarded a brand-new, black, Centennial Edition 2012 Chevrolet Corvette on the field at the end of the game.

Wonder what the heck the winners will get this year? Boy, a lot of dead pirates are rolling over in their graves thinking about all that booty they’re missing out on.

Three bags of poop on higher priced football (and Super Bowl) tickets. Foul (fowl?). Fifteen-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct!

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