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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Neglected Dogs and Kids Both Need to Feel Your Loving Arms

Boy! It tears my heart out when I see a lonely, neglected or abused dog or see a flyer that somebody’s lost their dog. Someone actually advertised in a local coupon mailer this week that they would pay $1,000 reward for the safe return of their three-year old Blue Merle Sheltie.

I don’t know what I would do if Sam got lost or stolen. I don’t think I could deal with two dogs though. It’s often been suggested to me that I should adopt another dog so Sam would have a companion and I confess I am tempted to do just that when I see him looking bored while I type up one of my witty masterpieces or when I’m trying to catch a nap on the couch. I take him to doggie daycare two days a week so he’ll have play time with other dogs and I take him for walks everyday where he gets to meet and greet other people and dogs. Still, it feels to me sometimes like I should bring him a companion.

I took Sam to Banfield Veterinary at Petsmart Saturday so he could get a shot he needed and danged if this outfit called Furever Homes didn’t sorely tempt my soul with a bunch of puppies for adoption out in front of the store. Aw Crap! I don’t know how I managed to tear myself away from those poor little puppies. They yapped at me trying to get my attention, wagged their tails, stuck their noses and paws through their crate wires and begged me to take them home.

One puppy really got to me and tempted me to bring her home. She was about Sam’s size, black and brown and totally cute in a muttsy-sort of way. She licked and licked my fingers when I tried to pet her through the crate wires. And she looked at me with those doggy eyes! Aarrgghh! I kept wondering what Kathleen would say when I came hold and said to her, “Look what I got honey!”

The problem with having a dog especially if you love it enough to really take care of it and provide for it - which you should - is the money and time you have to invest in it; it costs as much as raising a child; the vet bills, the food, the treats. And just like a child, a dog often demands your attention when you just wish it would go lie quietly in a corner and leave you alone. Unfortunately, while two dogs may be better than one, they also can be twice as much expense and upkeep.

The really heartwarming thing about seeing those pups at Petsmart was the way they snuggled up to people who took them out of their crates and hugged them. Boy were those pups eating up the love! Thank goodness the little female I liked was picked up by someone and hugged and I was able to leave with a glad heart.

How could anybody not love a good dog? I confess I’m not really into big dogs like Mastiffs or Great Danes or Rottweilers, and I’m not much into Collies or Sheepdogs or one of those larger-type breeds. I like Labs and Golden Retrievers a lot, but they’re too big for my lifestyle too. No, I have to say I prefer the smaller dog, a little guy who can sit in my lap and conveniently ride in the car with me and that sort of thing - like Sam.

Thank God for organizations like Furever Homes that finds adoptive parents for puppies. Too bad it isn’t that easy to find adoptive parents for kids. Three bags of poop on not being adopted into a good home whether you’re a kid or a dog. That totally stinks!

Excuse me now, Sam just puked on the couch. I have to go clean up his mess.

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