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Monday, August 12, 2013

Criminal Acts No Matter How Stupid are Not Laughable

Some criminal acts can make us laugh - like when a burglar gets stuck in a fireplace chimney while attempting to ransack a home or like when a bank robber hands the bank teller a note that, oops!, has the robber’s address written on the back. But most criminal acts are just plain STUPID and ruin too many lives.

Case in point? The police just caught up to a man who killed his California girlfriend and her son, and took off with the woman’s 16-year old daughter. The bad guy’s car was spotted after an Amber Alert in the Idaho Panhandle wilderness area and before long he was run to ground and killed. This apparently was a classic Lolita deal where the guy fell in love (spell that L-U-S-T) with the 16-year old and decided he had to have her no matter the cost. Hopefully, the girl didn’t think she was in love with the guy and join him in the plot to get rid of her mother and brother. We don’t know yet. That sort of thing has happened before. If the 16-year old was guilty of the crime of murder, she would have irrevocably and irreversibly ruined the whole entire rest of her life.

Unfortunately, the news media is inundated with stories about guys falling in lust with their girlfriend’s daughters or with their stepdaughters and doing something stupid, like raping the young girl or murdering the mother or some other heinous thing. A classic case like this occurred where I lived some years ago when a guy murdered his girlfriend’s daughter because he’d been raping her and didn’t want her to tell. The really awful part of this story is that he buried the girl out in the woods then joined her mother and police in searching for her as if he didn’t know anything about what happened to her.

Sam and I have no sympathy for criminals, especially criminals who commit murder. And we don’t buy the excuse that the bad guy was temporarily insane or drunk. We see that many defendants these days are pleading not guilty of their crimes because they quit taking their meds for a period of time. “I forgot to take my anti-depression pills so I felt compelled to commit murder.” Oh, horse hockey!

The other thing Sam and I don’t understand is why so many of the bad guys think they can head into the wilderness and successfully hide out from the law. That’s so STUPID! It’s like climbing a tree when you’re in danger, or climbing to the top of a tower when being pursued, etc. Guess what? Those escape scenarios never work! Once you’ve climbed to the top of a tree or tower or hunker down in the woods, you’ve reached the end of the line.

We’ve had two recent cases here in the Northwest where guys headed into the wilderness only to discover that the wilderness is a tough place to survive. One guy shot and killed a national park employee on his way into the wilderness then was found a day later half naked and frozen to death in a creek. Hypothermia will do crazy things to your head - especially when you’re half crazy already. Another guy even built an elaborate bunker in the woods ahead of time. After he committed his crime he holed up in the bunker only to be found. Hadn’t he ever read stories about foxes and hounds and the fox being run to ground? STUPID.

I guess Sam and I do feel sort of sorry for young people who ruin their lives with criminal acts. Look at the young Boston bomber in custody right now. If he doesn’t get the death penalty, he’ll spend the rest of his life in a ten-by -ten cell and maybe get one hour a day in the prison yard to soak up some precious daylight, then it’s back inside those concrete walls. He’ll never have a chance to fall in love, drive his car on a road trip, go to mall and hang out. He was STUPID!

Three bags of poop on being stupid enough to turn to crime.

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