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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here's A New Marketing Idea. Utilize the Freeways More

Sam and I are thinking there must be a better way to utilize the time we spend driving on freeways. With all the trucks out there it seems like we at least ought to be able to buy a few goods we need without exiting into town and having to wait at all the stoplights.

First, we’d all need credit card readers in our cars. Then the trucks would need some system to charge us for goods offloaded. I wonder if Pay Pal could set something up. So, any way, you’re driving along and you see a nursery truck up ahead and the thing is loaded with small trees and other plants. You’ve been wanting a new oak tree for your front yard, so you pull up alongside the nursery truck, your wife or other rider/navigator taps the nursery truck’s app on your in-car computer or smart phone and types a message that will appear in the truck cab telling the truck driver you want to purchase an oak tree. You’ve already looked up the sales price and your okay with that so you want to proceed.

The truck driver acknowledges your order and tells you to maintain a steady 50 mph (or whatever) and an arm on the truck picks up the appropriate tree and extends it toward your vehicle. Hopefully, you will have thought far enough ahead that you’ll be driving your pickup truck. Otherwise, your tree might wind up stuffed in your moonroof opening.

Hey. Suppose you wanted a beer and some chips? You pull up alongside a beer truck, the driver sends a nozzle toward your car - like they refuel planes in flight - the nozzle connects to a receptacle on your vehicle and you siphon off a gallon or two of Bud or Full Sail or Old Bulldog or whatever. Sam and I could see how a beer tanker could refuel at least three cars at a time; one on each side and one in the back. Unfortunately, the driver might have to just throw your bag of chips through your window or moonroof. Hopefully, he would be a pretty good shot or in no time at all the freeway would be littered with chip bags, some of them torn open by passing vehicles and stray dogs and cats, daring squirrels, errant deer and other wildlife might congregate on the freeway to slake their munchies.

Sam and I can see it all now; drunk drivers smashing innocent animals all over the asphalt. Oh gore! That would be worse than all the possums getting run over out there.

Just think if you decided to buy some concrete while you were tooling down the freeway. Need some lumber? There obviously are some problems to be worked out with the freeway merchandise delivery system. One thing’s for sure though. Traffic couldn’t go much slower - especially if the Washington State Patrol gets called out to unsnarl things. My GAWDD they’re slow! Maybe what we really need is a robot wrecking crane that automatically picks up any wrecked vehicle and deposits it somewhere off the road where gawkers can’t see it. One hitch to that idea might be that the auto crane might mistakenly pick up some of the wrecked crates still being driven around out there.

Sam and I are pooped out now. Coming up with new ideas is hard work. You got a better idea?

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