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Friday, May 17, 2013

Coffee's Rusting and Cinnamon Rolls Need More Raisins

OMG people! We have the makings of a full-blown crisis on our hands. There’s a fungus amungus and according to a story by Leslie Josephs in the Wall Street Journal, the coffee crop in much of South America is turning to rust. Arrgghhh! What are we going to drink with our cinnamon rolls?

Ms. Josephs says in her WSD article that coffee buyers are noticing that many coffee beans from South America are underdeveloped and not as heavy with fruit flavors and sugars as they should be. Sam’s looking at me now like, “Fruit flavors and sugars? Are you talking about coffee? Sounds more like you’re quoting those goofy wine tasters who trip over each other’s palates trying to come up with descriptive terms for wine.”

Sam’s probably right. Ms. Josephs reports that the rusty fungus has “swept through fields” from Mexico to Panama, where some of the world’s rarest and most expensive beans are grown. Ouch. So, that probably will make coffee even more expensive than it already is. Coffee prices could soon give gas prices a run for their money. Boy the essentials of life cost big bucks don’t they? But I could almost see Sam and I walking wherever we go rather than me giving up coffee (Sam’s looking at me like I’m nuts).

It’s bad enough that we have to eat cinnamon rolls that don’t have raisins. Not having coffee to go with (as my Dutch relatives say) would just be too much.

I can’t for the life of me understand why bakers don’t put raisins in cinnamon rolls. Raisins and cinnamon rolls are meant to go together. Panera Bread where I usually have a cinnamon roll twice a week while Sam’s at daycare, doesn’t include raisins in its cinnamon rolls. Starbucks doesn’t include raisins in its cinnamon rolls. My mother-in-law, who bakes wonderful cinnamon rolls, doesn’t put raisins in them. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!? It’s just because people like this woman I dated many years ago don’t like raisins in their baked goods (her father told her they were dead flies) so bakers everywhere give them what they don’t want rather than giving us raisin lovers what we do want. I love raisins in my cinnamon rolls, even after spending a hot, hot summer in California picking grapes. It’s funny (weird), but Kathleen doesn’t like raisins in any of her food either, yet she’ll eat them by the handfuls as a snack.

One of the few places I’ve found that includes raisins in its cinnamon rolls is a place called Wheat Montana on U.S.Highway #.287 enroute to Helena. Wheat Montana can be seen from the I-90 freeway and is just a short distance off I-90. They make awesome cinnamon rolls at Wheat Montana - with raisins - and every time Kathleen and I go to visit her family I have to make at least one side trip to Wheat Montana. The store has an interesting history too. You should look it up.

Anyway, two bags of poop on rusty coffee beans and cinnamon rolls without raisins. If Sam and I ruled the world those kinds of things would never happen.

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