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Monday, May 13, 2013

Do-Gooders Be Danged, U.S. Should Not Interfere in Syria

Sam and I have the answer to whether the United States should become involved in the war in Syria. The answer is NO, NO, NO, NO! The Syrian conflagration is a civil war and none of our danged business. God bless our mis-guided Vietnam War vet Senator John McCain, but just as becoming involved in Vietnam’s civil war was a huge mistake, so would involvement in Syria be a huge mistake

Our politicians need to turn a deaf ear to all those misguided souls who want us to believe Syria is gassing its citizens. We need to turn a deaf ear to other countries who accuse Syria of taking its war to their countries. Most of those kinds of assertions are simply not true. We must not let ourselves get sucked in like we did in Korea, Somalia, Yugoslavia and countless other do-good scenarios - as if we are some kind of world cops, like we are the only people who know how other countries and their people should act.

Sam and I do not mean to be cruel, but how much worse do we make situations by supplying weapons of war to one side or the other? How helpful is it to try to balance our efforts to help fighters in places like Syria? We can’t do it. It isn’t possible. Think how we would feel in the U.S. if another country offered to help one side or another here if we had another civil war?

Sam and I are so sick and tired of hearing, “They might have weapons of mass destruction,” as justification for interfering in other country’s affairs.

Sam and I are NOT saying we should not go into other countries after people who attack us on our soil. We must retaliate against any person or entity that attacks us on our soil. Going after Osama bin Laden and his gang of baddies and the people who attack our embassies and ships should be a no-brainer. And if we need to make the first strike, so be it. It might be chivalrous to let the other guy whack us first, but as far as Sam and I are concerned, chivalry is dead and should be left for dead.

I suppose we’re going to come off sounding like real red-neck warmongers. We’re not. We’re just tired of all this country’s woossy do-gooders who think it’s our Christian imperative to settle other people’s fights.

So, here’s an idea. Sam and I read recently that the state of Nevada was shipping a lot of its loony-tooners out of state. Why don’t we ship our country’s loony-tooners who want to interfere in other country’s wars to those countries? According to Cynthia Hubert, Phillip Reese and Jim Sanders of The Sacramento Bee, the Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas has shipped about 1,500 of its patients to other places (it’s a lack of money thing). Approximately one third of the shippees evidently wound up in Los Angeles and Sam and I figure that was good thinking because how you could tell if they were mentally defunct in Los Angeles? Isn’t that whole place mentally deranged?

What we’re really wondering of course, is how many of the shippees went crackers over their losses at the gaming tables and Nevada was tired of listening to their weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Maybe they even were tearing their clothes off, covering themselves with sackcloth and ashes and beating themselves with croupier sticks.)

So, let’s ship a few of our nutburgers off to places where they can experience war up close and personal Interfering in other country’s wars is a bunch of poop - more than three bags full, and it won’t take those people long to figure that out.

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