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Monday, March 25, 2013

Don't Bug Me About Liking Creepy Crawly Critters. I Won't'

I hate’s bugs!

But according to an article in the Sunday paper, by Eric Niler of The Washington Post, medical scientists are looking at sea worms, jelly fish, geckos and spiders to stimulate “medical innovations - including new adhesives, diagnostic tests and needles.”

I don’t care, as far as I’m concerned, the only good bug is a dead bug.

Sam doesn’t mind bugs so much. In fact, he kind of likes to play with them when he can find one - not me. I hate’s ‘em! I’m more tolerant of bugs than I used to be since I’ve matured into a live-and-let-live kind of guy. But let a creepy-crawly invade my space and STOMP! WHACK! Like I said, as far as I’m concerned, the only good bug is a dead bug. Mi casa es nada su casa bug butt. BAM!

Kathleen laughs at me because I carefully scan the walls and ceilings of our bedroom each night when I go to bed, but if a spider or some other denizen of the buggetta species dropped on my personhood during the night I most likely would go berserk and wind up in one of our state’s funny farms.

Yeah, I know, you’re thinking a big ol’ dude like me shouldn’t be afraid of a harmless little bug, but I am. I’ve often thought that if I had fought in WWII and the Nazis had captured me, they could have tortured any information they wanted out of me simply by sic-ing a colony of bugs onto me. E-w-w-w!

I guess if we have to have bugs though - they are God’s creatures right? - at least they can sometimes be used for something good. Niler’s Washington Post article reports that adhesives being developed through bug research can now be used to seal holes in organs and other tissues. So pretty soon, instead of saying, “Put a bandaid on that, we can say, put some spidey stickum on that. And apparently, a new quick-release adhesive is being developed to protect the skin of babies from rips and tears caused by intravenous tubes and other devices. That’s a cool thing.

Still, I’m the kind of guy who carries bed bug spray with him to a motel. And I religiously apply flea and tick killer to Sam to make sure he’s never packing. I lived in an apartment in Los Angeles for a few months when I was younger and the downstairs neighbor’s dog brought so many fleas upstairs to my welcome mat, the fleas swarmed out of that thing to greet me and my visitors with their little disease-carrying bites (though fortunately, I never came down sick). I got rid of that welcome mat so the dog would stop coming around. Shortly thereafter, the neighbors took their dog and moved. Guess they thought I didn’t feel like being very neighborly. And they were right! Not to bugs.

Three bags of poop on bugs. I don’t have to like them and I’m not going to like them. End of story.t

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