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Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Real Lucky That My Life Has Turned Out Well. I'm Happy!

Good grief!

The news people are reporting that more and more kids are being diagnosed with autism and more and more old people are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Supposing that covers two thirds of our population, what’s wrong with the rest of you, the other third? Do you have AIDS, cancer, or some more exotic disease? Are you suffering from mesothelioma, the asbestos disease or is your pelvic mesh, your titanium knee or some other artificial part of you failing?

Are you eating the right foods? You know gluten and sugar and fat are bad for you and the water you drink may not be safe. No wonder our lawmakers want to make cuts to Medicare and Social Security. It’s like the entire nation is qualified for one or the other of those programs or has one foot in the door of dementia, dim-wittedness, debilitation, death and what not.

So, are you enjoying life and doing the things you want to do - you know, striking items off your bucket list ‘cause you might not have much time lef?

Right now I’m sitting in a boot h at a Panera Bread store using some money from my Social Security to enjoy a cinnamon roll and coffee. YUM! Spring is trying to show its face outside - the sun is shining, flowering trees are flowering, daffodils and crocuses and other early bloomers are poking up out of the ground. Sam’s spending some quality time with his buds and budettes at Top Dog Day Care. The moon is in the seventh house of Aquarius or something (how did that song go?), baseball season is about to begin, and like the little Cambodian guy said a couple of years ago after winning a big lottery jackpot, “I happy!”

If you are one of the unfortunate souls who suffers from some dread disease or are the caretaker of someone with autism or Alzheimer’s Sam and I commiserate with you and pray for you. Life is not fair, is it? I have been incredibly fortunate to survive several brushes with death and only suffer now with type-2 diabetes, so I’m trying to enjoy every day as it comes my way. My only concern in life right now is that I may not be totally prepared to die when the time comes. Can you relate? I keep thinking I should update my will and write a letter to Kathleen and my kids detailing my wishes how they should treat my death and what to do with my cold dead d’ corpse. But I procrastinate so much.

Um, well, one thing I hope I can accomplish before I go is to finish writing at least a couple more books. I wish people were reading the ones I’ve written so far, but like I told myself when I started this gig, it doesn’t really matter if anybody reads my books, what matters is that I wrote them, that I did something with my life that I really wanted to do. I DID IT!

Poop on you if you don’t read my books. Poop on you if you aren’t doing what you want to with your life. Just keep paying your Social Security and Medicare taxes so I can keep writing. THANKS!

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