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Monday, February 25, 2013

Truth Stranger Than Movies?

Sam and I were interested leading up to the Academy Awards last night that some movie directors were being accused of playing fast and loose with the truth. Ben Affleck is being charged with over-dramatizing events of his movie ARGO and Steven Spielberg is accused of over-dramatizing events in his movie about Abraham Lincoln.

But you know that saying about truth being stranger than fiction? Several articles in Friday’s newspaper certainly brought that little homily home to roost.

Where to start? Well first of all there’s this tawdry story about a Joint Base Lewis McChord soldier (here in Washington State) killing his wife and raping her daughter.  Reading between the lines a little, it appears the soldier was trying to tell his wife that her daughter had seduced him into raping her several times and he wanted to come clean about the - uh - ordeal. But the wife didn’t buy the story, they fought and the soldier had to kill her.
In a story out of the Chicago area an ex-cop received a 38-year prison sentence for killing his wife. See,

Sam and I warned you about becoming a police officer.

Now we jump from the murderous to the ridiculous. A landlord in Waynesville, Ohio, reportedly is being sued for spanking his tenant with a belt. Seems the tenant was late with a $2,800 rent payment and the landlord spanked him on the bare butt, leaving marks. Okay, two questions here: what the heck was he renting for $2,800, the Taj Mahal? And how did the landlord manage to get the tenant’s pants down to spank him? Sounds like there was some hanky spanky going on here, eh?

Now, the ex-mayor of Bell, California, says he’s innocent of squandering the town’s money because he’s dumb. The guy’s attorney alleges his client can’t be found guilty of misappropriating city funds and paying himself a huge salary because the mayor had no high school or college education and didn’t even finish elementary school. He “had no training that would have alerted him that taking a $100,000 salary for part-time work was illegal,” his attorney told a jury. Ain’t attorneys great? Wish I could find a part-time job that paid $100,000.

And an Egyptian opposition group has signed President Mohammed Morsi up for a trip to space. Something called the April 6 Youth Movement reportedly said on Face book that it had entered the Egyptian president’s name in a contest for the trip so it could get rid of the guy. Humph, put that on your election ballot.

And of course, our state legislature is spending inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out how to regulate the newly legalized marijuana trade. No matter what they decide, their decisions could all go up in smoke if the Feds don’t go along with the program. They won’t get into trouble though because they’re not inhaling.

But finally, in a tragically heart-warming story, two little girls, ages 4 and 2 huddled under a blanket for several hours next to a road on a cold wet night after their mother crashed her car into a tree and died. Thankfully, the little girls were finally discovered by two passing fishermen. Let’s see somebody fictionalize that more dramatically. How could you?

Two bags of poop on over-dramatizing. But let’s watch the Oscars anyway. Pass the popcorn please.

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