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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

C'mon Put 'em Up, Let's Fight

Poor Sam. I was feeling really combative yesterday. Good thing it was a day he got to go to Top Dog doggie daycare (best daycare anywhere, right Debbie?). He got to play with his buds while I calmed down.

I hate feeling combative. Why do bad things have to happen to make me peevish? WWCED? (What would Clint Eastwood do?).

Here’s my story: Kathleen and I arrived home from a few hours of shopping yesterday to find a little white flag stuck in our front lawn. No, it was not a surrender flag. The flag informed us that a local lawn care company had sprayed our lawn with weed and feed. An invoice hanging on our front door knob informed us that we owed $80 for the service

Here’s where the combative comes in. We did not ask for or order the weed and feed service. I called the company and told them I did not order their service and I sure as heck wasn’t going to pay for something I didn’t order. The woman I talked to said “Okay” a couple of times, but I have the distinctly bad feeling I’ll need to follow our conversation up with a poison-pen letter reiterating my determination not to pay for something I didn’t order.

I might not feel so combative about this matter but I told this outfit twice last year when they showed up that I had not ordered their service and did not want it and when and if I ever did want it again I would let them know. “Do not come out unless you specifically hear from me,” I told them.

Here’s the crux of the problem. I used this service once or twice (twice I think) before, because I was totally ticked off with another company that felt it had the right, after I ordered its service once, to come out whenever it felt my lawn needed servicing, without asking my permission. I did not sign anything saying they could do that, they just assumed they could. So I switched companies. NOW I’m having the same problem with the company I switched to! Arrgghhh!

Recently I’ve had to do combat with a Tacoma appliance dealer who told us they couldn’t deliver the new range hood for our gas stove when promised. Turns out one of their salesmen had taken our reservation off the piece and was going to give it to someone else.

Then I had to combat a flooring company because of delays in receiving some carpeting we had ordered. In this case and in the appliance case we had pre-paid for what we bought. I have since learned that pre-paying for something instills absolutely no loyalty or sense of responsibility in some companies.

Then I had to combat Sears for failing to live up to its promise to have our new hot water heater installed when promised. Again, I had pre-paid. Next, it was DISH TV and Century Link that I had to fight with.

I will say that a roofing company we hired to patch a leak in our roof recently came out when they said they would and did a great job and when they billed us we promptly and gladly paid them.

But if I have to I will complain to the Better Business Bureau, the state Attorney General and anybody else I can think of, if this lawn company doesn’t retract its billing. And if something about me not paying their bill shows up on my credit report, God help them. Three bags of poop don’t even start to describe the extent of my wrath and vengeance.

Okay, I feel better now.

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