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Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Friday! Time to Rejoice!

TGIF. Thank God It’s Friday? For all of you whose work or school week ends today, you know what Sam and I mean.

But we were thinking there might be some other uses for TGIF. How about “Thank God it’s final” - the divorce that is? Or how about, “Thank God I’m fine” - as in I’m okay after a multi-vehicle pileup on the freeway? How about “Thank God it’s forever” - your diamond?

Then there’s:

“That girl (or guy) is fine.”

“That grapefruit is funky (spoiled).”

“This gel is firm.”

“This game is fun.”

“That gun is fenced.”

“That growl is fake.”

“That grin is forced.”

“That guy is felonious.”

“That infatuation is fatal.”

“This garment is fancy.”

“Think, grow, initiate, forget.”

“Then get it fixed!”

“This grade is F.”

“This goes in file.”

“Think God if fretful.”

“Thank God it’s February.”

“Then it’s got finesse.”

“This is going fine.”

“That isn’t good form.”

“Thin is good form.”

“There isn’t (any) good flatulence.”

“The interest (rate) is fixed.”

Okay, somebody stop us before we hurt ourselves. Fridays are just kind of special to me for some reason; possibly because I looked forward to them when I was in school - Friday night football games, basketball, movies, dances. I usually was with my girlfriend on Friday nights. Then when I became a career person and got a real job I always looked forward to Fridays being the end of the week (except during shift work). And Friday often was payday.

Besides, TGIS for Saturday or Sunday or THIM for Monday or TGIT for Tuesday, TGIW for Wednesday and TGIT for Thursday just don’t have the same essence to them that TGIF does.

You can probably come up with many more TGIF’s and Sam and I sure would like to hear them. Please send them along. Poop on you if you don’t.

Thank God I’m finished.

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