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Friday, January 11, 2013

Uptight America Strikes Again

So Brent Musburger said Miss Alabama 2012 was a beautiful woman and is catching hell for it.


Apparently, it’s not okay to say something like that? At least not on television during the BCS bowl game between Alabama and Notre Dame? WHY NOT?! WHO SAYS SO?

Was Musburger’s comment laden with inappropriate sexual undertones or something? Sam and I checked the You Tube recording of the moment to find out what the big deal was and boy we didn’t see anything wrong with what Musburger said. Maybe he sounded a little envious of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, but what red-blooded American male wouldn’t be? Have you seen the picture of Miss Alabama in her bikini? Ogle. Ogle.

The game between Alabama and Notre Dame was nothing short of awful and all but over after the first quarter with Alabama already leading 24-0. The Fighting Irish didn’t have enough cajones under their kilties to make a game of it from the opening whistle (naturally, Sam and I were rooting for Notre Dame. Sheesh!) And we’re barely allowed the opportunity to check out the cheerleaders anymore.

Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News said the day after the game, “Lay off Brent Musburger! The announcer was only saying what everyone watching was thinking when ESPN showed Katherine Webb during the BCS Championship broadcast .”

Amen to that brethren.

The 73-year old Musburger , with 44 years in the business only “mirrored what the audience of yahoos salivating at home were thinking,” Raissman pointed out. “They should be kissing his ring in South Bend. For what Brent Musburger really did Monday night was take the focus off the Fighting (?) Irish's heartless, gutless performance.” .

Amen to that too brethren.

ESPN, who broadcast the BCS bowl game said in a statement afterwards, “We apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that.”

Boy, talk about your lily-livered hypocrites! Have we sunk so deeply into the equality morass in this country that we can’t even tell a woman she’s beautiful? I don’t think I want to quit telling Kathleen that!

Musburger’s comments apparently have worked out well for Ms. Webb, who reportedly said she thought they were kind of nice and started the evening with 2,000 Twitter followers and wound up with 104,000. It’s hard to buy that kind of publicity anywhere. Some of the Super Bowl ads probably don’t even draw that much attention. Musburger should send Ms. Webb a bill for his services.

This whole brouhaha makes me think it might be a good idea to say something stupid in this blog. Sam and I wouldn’t mind having a hundred thousand followers.

Three bags of poop on not being able to speak our minds because some people are so easily offended or so easily convinced that someone else might be offended.

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