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Monday, December 10, 2012

Just Don't Rush Me, Okay?

Sam and I don’t like to rush into things - take today, which is Sunday, for instance. We started the day out in our usual fashion. We slept in until 6:30 because Kathleen didn’t have to go to work. Then I got up and made coffee and sat at one end of the couch drinking said coffee and reading the newspaper, while Sam sat at the other of the couch snoring. Pretty bucolic eh? At 9:30, Kathleen and I went to church while Sam continued snoring. When K and I arrived back home, Sam did get off the couch - briefly - to greet us, and so I could take him out to pee. He then returned to the couch until close to 1 p.m. or just before the Seattle Seahawks’ football game started. At that time he decided it was time to go for his walk in the park. No sense rushing into things.

Our walk in the park was as leisurely as Sam wanted it to be until my hands - even with gloves - were frozen and my nose was running snot like Niagara Falls. Thirty-seven degree weather will do that to you, especially if there’s any wind. I confess I hustled Sam into my truck when our walk was finished and rushed home to a nice hot lunch of split pea soup.

The Seahawks game had started by the time Sam and I returned home. The Hawks were already ahead of the Arizona Cardinals 3-zip. By halftime the Hawks were up 38 to nothing and looked like sure winners. But I didn’t want to rush into cheering prematurely because I was all too familiar with Seattle’s penchant for allowing the other team to come back in the last few minutes of the game tie it up then win it in overtime. Despite Marshawn Lynch, the Hawks’ #1 running back, rushing his big ol' heart out to win games, the Hawks often seem in no big rush to put other teams away. I guess I should understand that since I dislike rushing as much as I do, but I don’t understand because I like winning too.

Okay, the second half just started, Seattle already has scored again to go up 45-0, but I’m still not going to rush into celebrating. Not yet.

I bring this whole rush and rushing thing up because, for some reason I was thinking today about that word rush. Maybe Christmas shopping has something to do with my contemplation on the word rush. After all, there are only 15 shopping days left. Not to worry though, everything is under control. Like I always tell Kathleen when she questions what I’m going to do about something, “I have a plan.”

You know, I can’t help wondering if being saddled with the name Rush is why Rush Limbaugh is so obnoxious. Worth a thought huh?

This time of year we’re also told by merchants that they can rush our loved one’s Christmas presents to them in plenty of time for the big day. I think UPS and the Post Office like to say, “Leave it to us.” I remember when I was younger and told people I was going to get married they would ask me if I was sure I wanted to rush into that sort of thing. Fraternities and sororities rush people too don’t they? There’s a lot of rushing around this time of year. Sam and I exhort you to slow down and chill. Otherwise you won’t enjoy the holidays as they’re meant to be enjoyed. We can’t rush Kathleen to start decorating our Christmas tree either ‘cause she’s not in the holiday spirit today. Oh well.

The Seahawks now lead by a score of 48-0. Think I could start cheering? Maybe a little? Two bags of poop on rushing, but boy, after suffering through so many bad games this season, I’m ready.

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