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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pedaling Idea Past Mrs. Claus

A famous song asks, “What’re you doing New Year’s Eve?” Sam and I are more interested in what you’re doing for Christmas, at this point. We don’t have big plans. We’re not traveling anywhere because plane fares are so high and planes are so crowded. We’re not driving anywhere either because traveling to Montana where most of our family lives requires crossing four mountain passes that usually have snow on them and I’m a big weenie about driving in the snow these days; when I was younger and more virile, no problem, but now, no thanks.

Besides that, Kathleen has to work the day after Christmas and I don’t want to house Sam in a kennel for several days. So, here we sit, here we stay, Christmas will be just another day. Lauren, Kathleen’s daughter, is coming up from San Francisco for a visit so that will be good. Other than that we’ll have a pretty quiet holiday. We’ll mostly just sit around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day stuffing ourselves with food and goodies. Once we get into the New Year it will be time to think about dieting and working out. UGH!

One of the things I’d like for Christmas is a new bicycle so I could get more exercise. I have a nice bike now, but it’s one of those “manly” ones with a high bar I have to throw my leg over to get on. I have trouble lifting my leg that high anymore. You would get a big laugh out of watching me try to put Sam in his basket on the handlebars, then attempt to lean the bike over enough I can throw my leg over it without losing balance and dumping both of us on the ground. Poor Sam! He almost hung himself the first time in the basket because he tried to jump out as I was pedaling down the street. That was panic time for both of us.

I might be willing to take a girl’s bike these days just so I could slide onto the seat and not have to throw my leg over the high bar (reminds me of trying to high jump in school). But now, the marketing geniuses have come out with a new - sort of hybrid - bike that looks something like a girl’s bike but is called an “urban cruiser” or something like that. I’ve never fallen for the B.S. of a station wagon being an SUV (hmph!) but I’m willing to fall for the “urban cruiser” concept so I don’t fall and break my neck and Sam’s.

Actually, if I got a new bicycle I probably should opt for a three-wheeler with a nice basket in back where I could install a comfy bed for Sam. I can see the day coming when my balance on a two-wheeler might be too iffy to continue to ride one of those. But if I rode a three-wheeler with a bed in the back of it for Sam, how would he get his exercise? He’s almost three years old now and h’s gained a couple of pounds recently. I’ll have to watch that.

Anyway, Sam and I hope you all have a nice Christmas and get what you want. Two bags of reindeer poop on Santa if you don’t.

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