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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You Can Save Earth. Dig It?

I went to the grocery store today while Sam was at doggie daycare, and picked up a couple of items for dinner. While waiting in line at the checkout counter, I noticed some canvas shopping bags for sale - you know - the ones you’re supposed to use now instead of plastic. A saying on the bag went, “Saving the earth one bag at a time.”

Well, my brain being as fertile as it is, I got to thinking about that saying. I envisioned a couple of dumb guys in the outdoors with a shovel trying to fill one of those shopping bags with dirt.

“How many bags of dirt do you think we need to fill before we save the earth?” the short pudgy one asks the tall lanky one.

“Gee, I dunno’. Lots probably.”

A stranger walks by then turns around and stops by the two men.

“Mind if I ask what you fellas are doing?”

“We’re saving the earth.”

“How’s that again?”

“See what this bag says on the side? If we fill enough of these bags we can save the earth. “

“Gosh guys. Don’t you realize if you filled up enough bags with earth the earth would disappear?”

“Say, we never thought a’ that.”

“We wuz tryin’ to do our civic duty.”

“Admirable. Well, carry on.”

Of course, now the two digging dudes are flummoxed.”

“I’m getting’ pretty tired anyway,” pudgy says. “We’ve only filled five bags and I’m pooped.

“Maybe we should take a break,” tall and lanky says.

So, the guys take a break.

Now I’m reminded of that joke that goes, “If you dig a hole to the other end of the earth, where will you come out? The answer is, “out of the hole.”

I can’t dig much of a hole in my yard, not even with Sam’s help. My yard has about one inch of diggable soil then solid rocks clear to China. I once dug four post holes in the back yard for a small fence. Each hole took me an entire day, shoveling, pick axing, hand scrabbling and cussing to dig down 18 inches.

Digging is hard work, which reminds me of a current TV commercial about some things being easy and some things being hard. Attempting to rescue a whale and drag it back out to sea is hard the commercial says. So is pulling a band aid off a hairy ape (?). I like that commercial. It shows some imagination, which many don’t.

So, here’s a question for you. Will re-electing Obama be easy or hard? Probably hard, but we need to do it. We need to do it because Romney wants to arm Syrian rebels and snuff Big Bird. The man’s a total menace. Romney’s attempting to shovel (you know what) on us and the sad news is that some people actually believe he makes sense. But he’s gonna’ need a whole lotta’ bags to convince Sam and me that he can save us. Three bags of poop on him instead. Please God let November be over.

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