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Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't Worry If I'm Spacing Out

Are you able to do nothing but stare into space? It’s a talent I’ve managed to develop over the years and I’m kind of proud of it. I’m trying to teach it to Sam.

The reason I bring this up is because in the comic strip Get Fuzzy Saturday, Bucky the cat was telling his owner Rob Wilco, that Rob’s brain must be primitive because he was watching stuff (baseball in this instance) while his eyes were open. Bucky advised Rob to turn his brain off and stare into space for awhile in order to overcome his “inner monkey.”

It’s a useful talent to be able to turn your brain off and stare at nothing. This might be particularly useful when Kathleen and I fly to California for her son’s wedding in a couple of weeks. We’re flying on American Airlines, which if you’ve been watching TV much, is all over the news for late flights, sabotaged seats - AA denies the sabotage of course - and the bitter enmity between its pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and management. When I board our flight and get seated, I’m going to stare straight ahead, go blank and not see or hear anything until somebody taps me on the shoulder and tells me we’ve landed.

The only good thing about being booked on our particular flight is knowing that Alaska Airlines supposedly is operating it. I hope that’s good enough. Meanwhile, I turn my brain off to what I hear on TV and read in the news. Ignorance really can be bliss. And if our flight goes down in flames at least I’ll never know what hit us.

I’m trying to turn my brain off while watching football too. Yesterday the Washington Huskies lost to the University of Oregon and the Washington State Cougars lost to Oregon State. Like I said in my last blog, however, that’s okay because I’ve come out of the closet as an Oregon rooter. But it would have been painful to watch the two Washington teams lose if I’d been paying much attention. I was eating cookies, drinking coffee and playing with Sam. I’m going to try not to pay attention to the Seahawks today either. I paid attention to them the last two weeks and they looked like inept high school kids.

I would have paid no mind to the tire blowout we had on Kathleen’s car last week enroute to the grocery store, but that was kind of hard to do - especially since it could have jeopardized getting groceries. I tried to ignore the fact that the lawn needed mowing this week too, but we had it fertilized.

The best-case scenario for staring at nothing and turning one’s brain off is to sit in a comfortable rocking chair on a porch in some warm (not hot) sunshine and just rock. I have daydreamed about owning a little house on top of a hill with no landscaping to care for, where I have a deck all around the house and a rocking chair on a rail, and the rocking chair would automatically rotate around the deck with the sun. Following close behind my chair would be a combination beer cooler/espresso machine.

A bag of poop on you if you break into my brain-dead reverie when I’m staring into space. What?

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