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Friday, October 5, 2012

GOP Has A Loose Lug Nut

I’m sitting in the customer waiting room at Les Schwab Tires. Kathleen accidentally hit some object lying in the road last night as we were on our way to the grocery store and kablooey! One totally destroyed tire.

I put the spare tire on the car, kneeling on the gravel by the side of the road, and got filthy dirty in the process. Fortunately, the road was a city street, not the freeway. Kathleen offered to call Triple A because she has a membership with them, but my male ego nixed that idea. I figured I was faster than waiting on Triple A. I was too. But I have not had to change a flat like that for a long time. It’s a far different task at the age of 67 then it was at the age of 27. Whew! Another 10 years and I’ll be glad to wait on Triple A.

Anyway, the blown tire was beyond repair so here I am at Les Schwab while a new tire is being mounted on our car. Sam’s at day care and Kathleen’s at work so I’m running today’s errands. I love dealing with Les Schwab, especially the one at 2825 Capitol Mall Drive Southwest in Olympia. These guys are so service-oriented. I feel bad when I see one of Schwabs’ TV commercials, where they are running out to greet you as you pull into their lot - nobody should have to run to help me - but that’s what they do. And their prices are right. And they gave me a reduced price on the new tire because the old one blew out, even though there was no defect in the old tire. And the last time I bought tires from Les Schwab was 2006! I’ve been to a couple of Les Schwab Tires stores where the management wasn’t as nice to get along with as this one on Capital Mall Drive, but by and large, the company seems to live up to its reputation of prompt, friendly service at fair prices.

So, I’m wondering, in the wake of the presidential debates last night, if maybe we should just pull our limping country into a Les Schwab? I guess that kind of plays into the hands of Mitt Romney and the Republicans who insist that our country would be better off if we ran it like a business, but I’m still sticking with Barrack Obama. Give him another four years then if we need to change things in the White House, we should do it.

Of course, there’s no doubt in my mind that Obama could accomplish way more if he had a sympathetic congress. Personally, I don’t know what more he needs to accomplish. Passage of the health care reform bill was the greatest thing to happen to our country since the civil rights bill.

But next congressional elections we need to sweep the Republicans back out of office and give the Pres. somebody reasonable to work with. The economy, the war in Afghanistan, Medicare and Social Security issues would all be much easier to deal with if Obama had a congress that wasn’t constantly loosening his lug nuts so his wheels would fall off. If the Republicans were a NASCAR pit crew this country would hit the wall and do a couple of end-over-ends and wind up a total wreck.

Well, my tire’s been fixed. Gotta’ run some more errands. Three bags of poop on the Republicans and their agenda to sabotage President Obama. As Daffy Duck would say, “That’s despicable!” 

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