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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Truth About Men & Sex

A woman has written to Dear Abby that her father-in-law just decided to leave his wife of 60 years - because he found a younger woman (age 70) who apparently is going to fulfill his sexual needs. Humph! I’m more than a little skeptical about that. Move aside Abby, Sam and I are going to handle this one.

First of all, we can hear many of you people out there in bloggo land (especially you older women) saying, “You mean the old geezer can still get it up?” Well, maybe he’s using one of those sex enhancement drugs or maybe he’s just horny - or thinks he is. Abby was right to tell the woman who wrote that her father-in-law would likely come crawling back to his wife after awhile with his uh, tail between his legs begging for forgiveness because the grass is NOT greener on the other side of the fence. It’s NOT.

Sam and I have to be careful here because we promised our blog carrier that our blog wouldn’t contain adult material, but we feel we have to set the record straight about guys and sex.

Guys are animals. Did you not know that ladies? And have you forgotten that your mother told you that guys only want one thing (mom was right). Guys stray for one of two basic reasons: 1. They ain’t getting what they want at home or 2: they’re turkeys who don’t know they have a good thing going on at home.

One time when I was deer hunting, I shot a buck and the doe that had been with him just kept hanging around, reluctant to leave him even though he was dead. That scene was so touching I’ve never forgotten it and it still haunts me. But ladies are you like that with your husbands or have you given up on them after a few years of marriage and a couple of kids? Have you let your fire for him burn out? Too many of you women, especially in the U.S. where you are constantly urged to compete with men, don’t realize that men are basically high maintenance when it comes to sex. Unfortunately, men seem to need sex far longer than many of you wives.

It is no accident that deer hunting season occurs during rutting season. Cabela’s just came out with its “Deer Camp” sales circular advertising guns and camouflage suits and boots and ammo and other “necessary” hunting paraphernalia. Deer season and rutting season are when bucks are most vulnerable because their call of nature dictates that they mate. They often throw caution to the wind, especially when they get the chance to hookup with a willing younger doe. Unfortunately, rutting season for the male human animal is basically all year long - and if a willing doe comes along, well . . .

Sam and I cannot tell you how many women we know who profess that they are done having sex once they reach a certain age. But when you tell your husband, “I’m done,” where does that leave him? We know, we know, this also happens to you ladies in reverse (though it’s hard to believe). But basically, a man who still needs to procreate will, if not properly taken care of, stray; almost any man at almost any age.

Two bags of poop on you ladies who tell your man you’re done. Don’t be surprised when you wake up one morning and find him gone.

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