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Monday, October 1, 2012

Politicians Don't Multi-Task

Boy Sam and I will be so-o-o glad when the elections are over. We’re so-o-o tired of hearing political opponents backstabbing each other. Worse than that, they keep promising to fix the economy, create jobs, and provide more money to fund education and you know they won’t. They can’t. Politicians can’t agree on anything except to take a recess to spend more time on their election campaigns to smear each other. Apparently, they don’t know how to work out legislative compromises, pass much needed bills like the Farm Bill to help our nation’s farmers, and work on their campaigns at the same time. In other words, they don’t multi-task well.

Of course if our politicians had the kind of day multi-tasking that I had Saturday, I guess I couldn’t blame them for failing to do more than one thing at a time. I started out pretty well; had my coffee, saw Kathleen off to work (she has a new schedule now, which includes working on Saturday), fixed myself some breakfast, then worked on my writing a bit while Sam slept on the floor beside me.

Later in the morning I took Sam for his walk in the park. When we arrived back home the multi-tasking began. I squirted some miracle spot remover goo on a couple of tee shirts that had spots on them, placed them in the laundry tub to soak and turned the water on. I then went into the kitchen and put a pot of water on the stove to boil some eggs for macaroni salad for dinner. While the plot (I mean pot) was boiling, I turned the TV on to check out the college football games.

Oops! I got too interested in a football game. After awhile I heard my pot on the stove strumpeting along like a berserk boiler on a Navy destroyer and I raced into the kitchen to put the eggs in it - the pot, not the ship! That’s when I noticed the water all over the laundry room floor. I had forgotten to turn the water off in the laundry tub and the tub was doing its imitation of Niagara Falls - American side. I quick ran out to the garage to grab my shop vac - my new one made in China ($39.99 at Sears) - nearly slipping on the wet floor and busting my keester in the process. I shopped vacked the heck out of the laundry room floor, which gratefully is tiled, let water out of the laundry tub until it subsided below a FEMA-designated flood stage, then turned on a couple of fans to dry the floor. By then Sam had to make pee pee and my eggs were as hard boiled as a detective in one of the trashy mystery novels I like to read. Whew! What a morning. I was so burned out all I could do Saturday afternoon was sit in front of the TV and watch more football and more political advertisements. By the time Kathleen came home from work I was a babbling idiot. When she asked the score of the game I was watching I think I reported Romney had fumbled and Obama was ahead by a field goal.

My thinking now is that I should do one thing at a time and do that one thing very well and I’ll probably be a lot better off. But when I ruminate on something to do that won’t require multi-tasking, all I can come up with is running for political office. I’ll have to learn how to refuse to compromise, and how to backstab any opponents, but I might possibly be able to do that - just not at the same time.

Now Sam’s looking at me as if to say, “Oh poop on politics.” Actually, I have to agree with him. Three bags are hereby levied on politicians, especially those who want us to believe their opponents are scum.

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