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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bring Good Mail Mr. Postman

To paraphrase a current TV commercial, what’s in your mailbox today?

Sam and I are always hopeful that something exciting is going to be left in our mailbox. And as often as we’re disappointed, we continue to be optimistic that today will be the day that the mail will change our lives - hopefully for the better.

Unfortunately, what we usually get in the mail, besides bills, are advertisements to buy cars, to refinance our home, and right now, to vote for some political candidate. Sam receives advertisements from Petsmart and local veterinarians. Yesterday I received a piece of mail from a credit union that said, “Cut your interest rate. Then cut up your other credit cards.” I get a lot of that kind of mail. I also received a letter from The Neptune Society urging me to plan ahead for my demise. “Cremation just makes sense,” the letter said. This outfit tries to deep-six me at least once a month. I wonder if they can tell me when I’m actually going to kick the bucket. I hate to plan ahead too far in advance then just sit around waiting to die.

Good old AARP sends me some piece of crap or a magazine at least once a week. If they’re so darned interested in saving Medicare and social security, maybe they should donate some of the money they spend on mailers to the government. Just a thought. I used to think I liked AARP but they spend so much money on TV ads and mailers and so on, I really am beginning to lose respect for them.

I also received a coupon from Jiffy Lube offering $15 off on an oil change. Trouble with that is I’ve had my oil changed when they had guys standing out front of their establishments holding signs that said I could get $12 off an oil change and it still seemed to cost me more than $40. And they always try to up sell you to new wiper blades or air cleaners or what not. I really don’t think I save anything to go there, but it is more convenient at certain times than making an appointment with a car dealer’s service department.

Speaking of car dealers, I’ve just received my third (at least my third) “recall” notice on my Toyota truck. The “recall” notices tell me there could be something wrong with my struck but there never is. I bought the Toyota because I knew it was reliable. I’m at 100k miles now, on a 7-year old truck, and that baby is still humming along strong. I’ve thought a couple of times about selling my truck to obtain some cash because even after 7 years it’s still worth a lot of money. But what would I get to replace it? If it ain’t broke I don’t want to fix it by selling it, you know?

Safeway and Costco send me discount coupons quite often. I use some of them, but not many. Kohl’s and other department stores also occasionally send me discount coupons, but shoot I can’t afford to spend money just to save money.

I wish someday my ship would come in the mailbox and Sam and I could buy something expensive or frivolous that we really don’t need or take a grand trip somewhere. Three bags of poop on people who steal mail from mailboxes by the way - even if it’s just junk advertisements. Sam and I like reading those ads - gives us something to do when we aren’t writing our blog.

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