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Monday, September 24, 2012

If It Smells Like A Rose . . .

Do you like things that smell good?

Sam and I sure do. Of course he and I don’t necessarily agree on what smells good and what doesn’t. We both like the smell of frying hamburger or steak, whether at home or driving by a fast food restaurant. Neither of us can understand why anyone would want to call himself a vegan.

I don’t like the smell of other dog’s butts, which Sam seems to like a lot. Yuck! I don’t even want to go there! And you ought to see Sam sniffing his way around the park every day when we walk. He hardly misses a chance to partake of the fine bouquet of trees, fencing, and blades of grass. It takes us a good hour to traverse the mile circle around the park when it should take us, what, twenty minutes?

Personally, I like nice smells. This morning in church it smelled like they were burning caramel incense. I like the smell of caramels. I like the perfumes some of the ladies wear too. I especially like hugging a pretty lady with nice perfume on. I like my own cologne pretty good too, but it’s kind of hard to hug myself.

I guess I’d have to say my very favorite smell is coffee, especially freshly-ground coffee. After that, the smell of a nice rose or petunia is good. Did you know that certain trees smell good too? When I was a kid a teacher or someone taught me to stick my nose in the cracks of the bark of a certain pine tree (ponderosa?) and I would smell vanilla. Cool. Sometimes, I confess, I like the smell of burning tobacco - cigarettes, pipes . . . My grandfather used to smoke a pipe occasionally.

Thinking of my grandfather, who made his own wine, reminds me how much I like the smell of wine. You ever tour a cool, shady stone wine cellar where tall oak or redwood barrels stand filled with thousands of gallons of fermenting wine and just breathed deeply? It’s heavenly.

I thought about this whole smelly thing while Sam and I were walking Saturday. The sun was warm and it brought out the smells of blackberries growing alongside the park, of the newly cut grass, of someone’s barbecue. It was a cornucopia of good smells. Then I was reminded of the Puyallup Fair which Kathleen and I attended last weekend. Talk about smells. My favorite there was the smell of horses.

I associate the smell of horses with the years I was a kid. I’ll never forget going to the county fair and discovering that horses were such wonderful smelling creatures. I love the way their skin smells when they sweat - which is more than you can say for some people. I love the way the leather of their saddles smells and yes (dare I say it) I even think their poop doesn’t stink.

It seems like fall really sensitizes my nose to smells whereas spring and winter plug it up. I’m not ready for winter yet even though there are some good smells associated with that whole season. Two bags of poop on winter if it rushes in and smacks my smeller. Sniff.

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