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Friday, September 21, 2012

Does Your Food Scare You?

Why do people keep scaring us about our food and drink?

Last night the television news alerted us that rice might contain traces of arsenic. In recent history we’ve had e-coli scares, salmonella scares, hepatitis scares, listeria scares, mercury poisoning scares, cyanide scares - you name it. The better- watch-what-you-eat people have tried to talk us out of eating so many things: meat, farmed salmon, peanut butter, tomatoes, French fries - and drinking milkshakes and soda pop, even water. About all that’s left is grass and beer (burp).

Sam and I have even seen TV commercials damning certain kinds of dog food because they might contain (Oh God!) corn or some other “filler” rather than healthy peas and carrots and other vegetables. Trouble is, every time I try to feed Sam healthy food with vegetables he turns his nose up and walks away; he’s a meat loving dog

What’s all the foofurah about food and drink anyway? Sam and I will tell you. It’s about people thinking they have the right to live forever. Guess what folks? We’re all going to die - sooner or later. Unlax a little. Mangia! Mangia! as my Italian grandmother might say. So many people think milk is bad for them they drink that gicky soy milk or almond milk. So many people have now adopted the idea that gluten is bad for them they won’t eat anything with gluten (do donuts contain gluten?). So many people have the crazy idea that meat is bad for them they call themselves vegans. You hear all this talk about organic foods being better for you than mass-produced foods. Oh, slimy pink baloney!

In an article titled Why “Stop! Don’t Eat That!” Often Isn’t Good Advice, The Center for Consumer Freedom says, “A number of activist groups have relentlessly sought to scare people away from certain foods and ingredients in accordance with their wide-ranging agendas. Activists are not only wrong scientifically, they have even changed positions when they are suited to gain from it.”

In California Proposition 37, also known as the Right to Know Genetically Engineering Food Act, if passed this November, will require labels on foods and beverages that include ingredients produced with biotechnology.

“Never mind that biotechnology can produce crops more resistant to disease or with greater yields,” says the Center. “ Oh, and they’ve been on the market for almost two decades, and there’s no credible evidence that biotech crops have produced even a case of sniffles in humans."

Trial lawyers are the only ones who really stand to benefit from Prop. 37. “

The Islamic Post on Line asserts that, “The real problem with food today is that it is not real,” that publication says. “Scientists mix moth’s DNA with potatoes and fish DNA with strawberries and we eat “Franken-Food”. Mass production and shipping are another large part of the food scares. Sterilization, radiation, irrigation, and chemicals heighten the dangers to our food. In all of its glory, mass production has tainted the word pure, and replaced it with altered food products forever. Refining and processing these foods takes more time and energy than consuming them in their natural states.

“Cutting back on processed food is a good idea, because it will decrease the work load of the liver. When we become afraid of our food, it is time to do some research and stop eating these pollutants before it is too late! We must stop harming ourselves, go organic, and grow your own food.”

Wonder if that philosophy would have worked in China, where one scare alleged that shoe leather was used to make jelly and yogurt.

Sam and I like Julia Child’s 1989 comment where she said, “What’s dangerous and discouraging about this era is that people really are afraid of their food … Sitting down to dinner is a trap, not something to enjoy.” 

Three bags of poop on people who scare us all the time about our food. Sam and I would like a biggee fry to go, please.

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