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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Read My New Murder Mystery?


This story unites a father and his teenage son, who pair up to solve a murder in a small town in California. The book also explores the many facets of love and commitment
required to make a relationship – any relationship – last

“Without real commitment, relationships don’t last long. I almost learned that the hard way. Someday, I’ll tell you about it. Every day, I come in contact with people who lose someone they love because they aren’t committed. They think they’re committed, but they aren’t. They really don’t know what it means to commit themselves to another. They are devastated when their relationship breaks up and they wonder why the other person quit loving them. But that’s the problem. They’re more worried about themselves than they are about the other person.”
                                                                  ~ Excerpt from The Wine Red Road


The Wine Red Road, the newly released murder/mystery by Jim Perkins, takes a small-town newspaper publisher and his teenage son and unites them in an unexpected odyssey when they respond to a police broadcast about a vehicle crash and fire that turns out to be more than a routine accident. In fact, this “accident” reveals itself to be an attempted cover-up of a murder.

As the father and son team up to solve the mystery of who committed the crime, their relationship deepens in profound and permanent ways. The son, who narrates this first-person tale, discovers that a lack of genuine spiritual grounding is at the root of this crime involving infidelity, anguish, retribution, and denial.

Simultaneously, he discovers that this same spiritual foundation is what allows him to develop positive relationships with his father, his mother, his siblings, and ultimately with his beloved wife.

Like most teenagers, Brad spends a lot of time thinking about the opposite sex and about why so many relationships end in divorce or worse. In The Wine Red Road, readers accompany Brad as he observes his parents and multiple other individuals and comes to some significant conclusions about how to develop and sustain healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Mr. Perkins comments, “I’ve long felt there was a need for good stories about father/son or stepfather/son relationships and why those people bonded or failed to bond. Added to this mix is my belief that it is important for young men to get to know God in order to develop good relationships with others, and how a lack of such a bond can lead any man astray.”

The Wine Red Road can be downloaded on ebook readers for $4.99 at The soft cover print version is available at for $13.95.

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Author: Jim Perkins is a former California Highway Patrol officer. After leaving the patrol, he worked for several years as a small-town newspaper reporter, editor, publisher, and freelance contributor to magazines. He currently publishes a blog titled “According to Sam and Jim,” which can be found at www.accordingtosamandjim.blogspot.comThe Wine Red Road is his second novel. He is also the author of The Red Jacket, an action/adventure story involving a young man fighting to survive the raging flood waters of Oregon’s Mackenzie River (available as an eBook or paperback edition at or 

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