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Monday, May 7, 2012

NFL Weenies Are Brainless

Are we tired yet of hearing that former professional football players are jumping on a bandwagon to sue the NFL because those players might have suffered brain damage during their careers?

The correct answer is Y-E-S.

Were those guys already so brain dead before they signed their lucrative contracts and spent 10 years or so living way higher on the fat hog than the rest of us will ever dream of, that they didn’t even consider they might suffer some lingering effects of knocking heads with other big hulking guys?

And now, they’re squawking because the NFL has come down hard on certain players for the so-called bounty program of the New Orleans Saints. Que? You people must have a stitch loose in your footballs.

Come on you athlete weenies, what’s your big whine? Pretty soon you’ll be suing for ACL damage to your knees; baseball players will be suing for torn shoulder labrums (or whatever they call their throwing muscle); basketball players will be suing for broken noses; yada, yada, yada.

Sam and I sure get tired of people in this country trying to blame someone else for their troubles. So many things are right about our great country, but the whiners and those people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions are tearing it down (not to mention the attorneys who profit from the big class-action lawsuits - Sam and I get really tired of hearing lawyers brag on television ads that they’ll get you “the money you deserve”).

Not to say that some lawsuits aren’t totally warranted, because they are. But you people who played in the NFL, who worked in shipyards and other places where there was lead or asbestos, and you people who worked in nuclear plants - all because you wanted to earn good money and have good benefits - only saw the money and the benefits and didn’t look at anything else.

This baloney of saying, “They never told us that could be bad for our health,” is so bogus. Who do you people think you’re kidding anyway? You blew your money on wine, women, bigger houses, faster cars and boats and all manner of other detritus and now you’re down on your luck and you want somebody to bail you out. Well, we shouldn’t. Maybe we might be willing to hold garage sales and quilt raffles on your behalf or auction off some of your trophies to raise a few bucks to help you out, but if you have the unbelievable audacity to blame someone else for problems you brought on yourselves, NADA!

Sam and I aren’t saying that health problems brought on by Agent Orange aren’t legitimate by the way. If you were drafted (forced) to wage war in Vietnam, a war that was totally unjustified and didn’t accomplish a danged thing, then you do deserve a little help. But conditions you have voluntarily brought upon yourselves should not be anybody’s problem but your own.

Sam and I say three bags of poop on you former football players now suing the NFL for brain damage. Nobody forced you to sign on the dotted line. Too bad the glory days are behind you and you have too much time to sit around and feel sorry for yourselves now. Hmm, guess what? That’s a common problem among the rest of us too. Welcome to the human race.

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