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Monday, April 30, 2012

Not Gonna' Happen Ladies

Sexual equality? Ain’t gonna’ happen. 

Sam and I see that the Marines will now allow a few good women to serve in combat roles. Well, that sure sends smoke grenades up our old bazookas. The Duke is probably turning over in his grave too. That danged equality thing just keeps raising its ugly head - like a modern-day Medusa. 

You gals have just kept pushing and pushing so that we now have lady cops (who get killed just like the guys), lady firefighters, lady pilots, lady umpires, lady boxers, lady politicians, lady CEOs, lady everything. There also were a couple of female tire technicians at Les Schwab too the other day when I had a flat fixed. 

For a short time we even had the LFL (Lingerie Football League) where fully-grown but scantily-clad women ran around in their underwear and shoulder pads scoring touchdowns on each other. The male fans who went to see those games cheered like lunatics wishing they could score a little bit too. But the league didn’t make it A-lass! 

Why are you ladies harping so much about wanting to be equal? In many instances, you are more equal than us men. Overall, you control more money. And remember that saying, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it?” 

Sam and I read recently that a young man in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is being forced to sue his school so he can play field hockey, which apparently is considered a girl-only sport in Ann Arbor. So what happened to Title IX? Schools in our area have had to let girls play football and take up wrestling because they couldn’t afford to field separate girls football and wrestling teams. 

The Sunday edition of the comic strip Luann by Gregg Evans is right on concerning this whole equality thing. Luann asks a couple of women in the bathroom with her, “Do you think it’s ok for a girl to use a boy’s restroom? Say the girls’ is full and the boys’ is empty.” 

One girl answers in the affirmative because she thinks it’s dumb for one restroom to be full and the other one empty. The other girl seconds that opinion saying that a person shouldn’t have to wait in line to use one restroom when there’s an empty seat in the other one. 

“So a guy can use the girls?” Luann asks. 

“No. That’s just icky.” One girl replies. 

“Besides, guys can use trees,” the other girl says. 

Enlightening, huh? 

When you women talk about inequality, you tend to rationalize your own double standards like Luann and her friends. You’ve gained the right as sports reporters to go into male locker rooms. But are male reporters allowed in female locker rooms? Are guys allowed to work out a Curves Fitness centers for women? Do men automatically receive custody of their children in divorce court? 

We could go on, but what’s the use? You probably don’t want to listen to reason anyway. You never hear a word we’re saying. Just consider this, you could do a lot worse. 

Here’s two bags of poop on the equality battle. Sam and I think it stinks. 

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