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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hats Off to The FDA Policy

Sam and I salute the Food and Drug Administration for taking a stand. For 30 years now the FDA has banned sexually active gay men from donating blood. RIGHT ON! Thank you FDA.

In a story by Laura Ungar, appearing recently in the Washington Post, one gay guy who was not allowed tp donate blood said the FDA policy “makes me feel like I’m placed in a negative category, like they are labeling me as diseased and decrepit.”

Uh, because you might be dude. You want us to feel sorry for your hurt pride when you don’t care if you infect the rest of us with HIV? Don’t think so.

Opponents of the FDA ban - and there are many - say that scientific advances allow better detection of potentially risky blood donors, and because blood is (supposedly) so rigorously tested the FDA policy makes no sense. But it makes sense to Sam and me. Because there reportedly are more than 20 million blood transfusions in the U.S. each year, even rigorous testing will inevitably allow some tainted blood to slip through. While it’s true, as many opponents of the FDA policy point out, that many straight people lead riskier lives - having sex with multiple partners (Michael Jordan?), Sam and I still applaud the FDA. And it isn’t only gay men who are “discriminated” against. Prostitutes and drug addicts also are banned.

So, now here’s something else interesting that cropped up in the news. A couple of Facebook gazillionaires have started a company called Asana, which is purportedly an online project service manager. The idea Dustin Moskovitz and partner Justin Rosenstein told Associated Press writer Marcus Wohlsen, is that Asana will sped human progress by helping people work together on things such as curing cancer, building spaceships and so on. Say, maybe people could work together on wiping out the HIV virus among blood donors. Then the gay guys wouldn’t have anything to squawk about.

Personally, Sam and I would like to see somebody figure out how to keep MRSA and necrotizing fasciitis - flesh eating bacteria - and other deadly bugs out of our hospitals. The incidents of people coming down with a worse disease in hospital than the one they went in with are becoming epidemic Sam and I think. It’s almost enough to make you go ahead and let your appendix burst.

You check into the hospital for a simple operation, they cut off your leg when you were supposed to have a routine gall-bladder operation, they leave a sponge inside you and then the blood you received in transfusion gives you HIV. That’s the bad news. The good news is the MRSA might kill the HIV. (additional bad news is that the MERSA has to kill you to get rid of the HIV.)

Sam and I do not like going to the hospital, receiving shots or transfusions or any of that medical-type stuff. And we sure as shootin’ don’t want our supposedly life-saving blood coming from some petunia-man who plays seed my garden with other petunia-men. At least three bags of poop on that (maybe more)!

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