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Friday, April 27, 2012

Somebody Say Drop 'Em?

This ought to drop your jaw in awe. 

January 10 was No Pants Subway Rides Day, and if you’re like Sam and me you totally missed it. If your town has a subway or some other form of mass transportation (bus? trolley?), you may have gotten involved, otherwise you probably were surprised when you discovered on Facebook or You Tube or some other social media networking site that such a day actually existed. 

Apparently, No Pants Subway Rides Day is an offshoot of No Pants Day a participatory “holiday” that occurs the first Friday in May (mark that date). No Pants Day is based on the premise of people spending a day not wearing any pants (trousers). Participants are challenged to act as if there is nothing strange about not wearing pants in public. Of course, you have to wonder how their employers feel. 

The liberation of breaking a social taboo and seeing the reaction of people not aware of the event is supposed to make No Pants Day fun for its participants. According to Wikipedia, The Knighthood of BUH at the University of Texas at Austin has been an advocate of the holiday since 1997. Now No Pants Days are dropping down in cities across the globe. This event is supposed to serve as an example of surreal humor, which relies on an absurd situation - like crowds of people walking around wearing no pants. 

The No Pants Subway Ride, is an annual event organized by New York City prank collective Improv Everywhere. In this event, people enter a subway car at consecutive stops without pants in the middle of winter. Participants pretend that they do not know each other and if asked, claim that they simply "forgot" their pants. The first No Pants Subway Ride took place in 2002 with seven riders. This year nearly 4,000 people participated in New York. It’s been guesstimated that tens of thousands more people participated in 59 other cities around the world. The fact that the No Pants Subway Ride has become a global event with multiple cities participating on the same day has led to its confusion with No Pants Day. 

Sam and I like the liberation of breaking social taboos and having fun, even if it is absurd and surreal. I wonder if the organizers of the Procession of the Species here in Olympia would allow no pants. The cool news, depending on your thinking, is that there are at least two days in the U.S. when you can walk around sans pantaloons. Or you could just become a nudist. 

One of my sisters, when she was a little kid, used to have her own No Pants Day every chance she got. If she could escape out the front door of the house she would abandon her clothes ASAP and we would have to chase her down and dress her again. Of course Sam and I go without pants every day. He never wears any and I shuck mine as soon as it’s time to crawl into bed at night. I’ve never been able to understand how people can sleep in pajamas and flannel nightgowns and socks and such. Your day is done people. Free yourselves! 

Two bags of poop on wearing clothes all the time. On the other hand, it’s a personal choice and you may do it if you want. 

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