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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Deadly Dog and Bunny Show

OMG! I cut Sam this week while trying to trim the hair on his face. I didn’t mean to, but he was squirming around so much that no matter how careful I was I nicked him just below his eye with my scissors. I had a nightmare about the incident that night and every time I look at him now I wince. He is such a lovable little guy it just makes my heart bleed that I hurt him. I wonder if what I did was worse than presidential hopeful Mitt Romney tying his dog’s house (with the dog in it) on top of his car when he drove off on a trip?

Anyway, I can well imagine how the TV cameraman in Germany felt when he stepped on a two-week old bunny and killed it. According to Spiegel Online, the unidentified cameraman was filming a story at a small zoo in Saxony as the zoo prepared to present the rare, earless, 17-day-old bunny to the world at a press conference. The cameraman said he didn’t see the bunny when he took a step backward, because the bunny was covered with hay.

Has anybody seen the Easter bunny lately? Okay. Not funny.

Rambling on, an Anoka County, Minn., woman was jailed Thursday after throwing three 1-week-old pit bulls at her boyfriend, who allegedly broke her nose. Police reported that the two lovers where having a spat in a parking lot outside an apartment building early Thursday. The woman, Gabrielle Tywon Allen, 20, of Spring Lake Park, allegedly flung the three newborn puppies, which were huddled on the front seat of a pickup truck, at David Peter Remme, 25, after he punched her in the face. Remme was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault and Allen was being held on possible charges of animal cruelty.

Possible charges of animal cruelty? I should hope so! The puppies reportedly did not suffer any physical injuries. But can you imagine what being flung at somebody in a fit of rage could do to a poor dog’s psyche; even a pit bull’s psyche? I hope Ms. Allen wasn’t yelling, “Kill, Kill!” as she flung the pups.

In Carlsbad, New Mexico, the cops recently corralled three men found with a 220-pound calf in the backseat of their Honda Civic. The men were accused of cattle rustling, but I could imagine them telling the police they were just taking the calf out for a little joyride. Sam and I wondered though if the guys had a barbecue grill hidden in the trunk of their Civic. The alleged rustlers were being held at the Luna County Detention Center (probably should have been held at the Detox Center).

On the other side of the cruelty coin, new laws reportedly coming into effect in Tokyo, Japan in October are opening the lucrative blowfish trade to restaurants that heretofore haven’t had a license to prepare the fish. Tokyo chefs, who previously spent time and money to obtain a license to prepare blowfish, are just a little bit puffed up about the issue.

Mio Coxin of Reuters news service reports a conversation she had with a chef named Hashimoto. "With these new rules anybody can handle blowfish even without a license,” said Hashimoto, a blowfish chef for 30 years. "They're saying it's now okay to serve blowfish. We licensed chefs feel this way of thinking is a bit strange."

A poison known as tetrododoxin, which is even deadlier than cyanide, is found in parts of the blowfish, including the liver, heart, intestines and eyes. Every year there are reports of people dying after improperly preparing blowfish at home.

Ms. Coxin reported that The Tokyo Metropolitan Government feels relaxing the rules on blowfish preparation will cut prices and bring Tokyo in line with the rest of the nation, where supposedly, there are hardly any poison-related accidents.

Sam and I say three bags of poop on animal cruelty. We’d throw in a little blowfish liver too if it wouldn’t kill you.

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