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Friday, April 6, 2012

Malcontents Make Me Mad

Sam and I are seeing red.

My favorite color is red, but it may be fading as my favorite now that I know much of it comes from that danged cochineal beetle. Ick. I hates bugs! I may never order a Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino from Starbucks again.

But speaking of red, I am really becoming disturbed by all the people in this country who seem to think we need a revolution. Are you people nuts?

The reason I mention this is because someone on Facebook has posted a picture of a woman crying and emblazoned across the picture are the words: “I really hate my government, but I live too comfortably to get motivated enough to do anything about it.”

Question. If you are so comfortable, why is it you hate your government? Sam and I can see with all the bickering going on in our nation’s government halls, in our state houses, in our county and city councils why you would be thoroughly disgusted with our lawmakers - those people who are supposed to be running the government, but the government itself? I don’t get it.

Our government is based on our constitution, probably the best blueprint for a nation that you could have. That constitution gives us freedoms that few other countries give their citizens. Oh, I know I have railed against our courts and against our police and against some of our politicians but those few bad apples don’t make the whole barrel of government rotten.

What is it about our government that makes you malcontents want a revolution? You are the people who make dunderheads like Rush Limbaugh rich. Ever heard the saying, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it?” How about, “The grass ain’t necessarily greener on the other side of the fence.” Look what’s going on in the Middle East if you think revolution is so great.

Additionally, has is ever occurred to you that the more you malcontents bitch and moan the more all that whining plays poorly on the psyche of the nuts with guns who then feel they have to massacre people to straighten the world out?

Remember that old saying, “I’d rather be Red than dead?” Is that what you unhappy revolutionists want? Communism doesn’t seem to be working so well. Want a king or dictator? Look around see how that is working for countries that have them. There’s an old ‘60s or ‘70s song that has the line, “Love the one you’re with.” We should rewrite that to say, “Love the country you’re with.”

A wise friend once told me if I didn’t like my job I should quit and go someplace else. He was right too. So, why don’t you people who hate this country move to another one? There are millions of people in other countries wanting to come here and any one of them would gladly take your place. Instead of bitching so much about how bad our country is, why don’t you do something peaceful to change it - think Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. and quit being a pain-in-the butt Hawkeye Pierce of M.A.S.H.

Remember malcontents, if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Your vote at election time is the most effective revolutionary tool you possess - unless you vote Republican this time around (going red, so to speak). The Republicans aren’t going to bring about the changes you’re looking for.

Two bags of poop on you malcontents. Don’t worry. Be happy.

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