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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's okay to be totally normal

Sam and I think it’s okay to be normal.

Sam being just over a year old, still exhibits puppy tendencies, such as toppling over waste baskets, dragging the toilet bowl brush out of the bathroom and other playful antics. He barks at rabbits and squirrels and at strange people and noises, races around the house when he gets wound up, and manages to create some playful mayhem when things get a little too quiet. But that’s pretty normal.

I used to think it was bad to be normal. I hated it when someone said I was just average. Oh shoot, hold on! Sam just puked behind the living room couch. Gotta’ go clean that up.

I’m baaacckk. YUCK! Dog barf. But dogs puking, like little kids puking, is normal isn’t it? I actually embrace being normal these days. I don’t need to go whitewater rafting or mountain climbing or Indie-searching for ancient lost artifacts or adventurous things like that.

Today, I will work on writing my next blog post (this one) for an hour or two then I’ll take Sam for a walk in the park. After Sam’s walk I’ll work a little more on the patio I just built in the backyard. The Dish TV guy is supposed to arrive around noon to switch us over from Comcast (Yay!) Later, if there’s time before Kathleen arrives home from work, I’ll mow the lawn, vacuum the house and start some dinner. This evening, while Kathleen finishes making strawberry jam, I’ll watch TV and eat some ice cream.

Tomorrow and the next day and the day after will be about the same. If I don’t mow the lawn today, then tomorrow, or whenever the weather permits. I’ll take my truck to the car wash one day this week. It got pretty dirty hauling sand for the patio. Oh, I’ll do some grocery shopping too – always seem to be missing at one ingredient for dinner. Once or twice this week I’ll take Sam to doggie daycare so I can enjoy a few hours sans dog and kick back with a Starbucks or Cutter’s Point coffee and treat. Maybe I’ll look for a book that I can read if the Seattle Mariners continue to as they normally do.

A lot of people exhibit disdain for us normals, like Garfield (/ca2garfieldrocks/nermal.html)disdained Nermal, “The world’s cutest kitten.” Being the nut case that he was and anything but normal, Garfield schemed how to send Nermal (Normal?) to Abu Dhabi or some other desert kingdom in the Middle East.

But I like being normal, especially when I read about killings and disputes and havoc being wreaked by wars, earthquakes, floods, wildfires and drought. I like the fact that I’m not involved in politics and haggling over the debt ceiling. I’m glad I’m not negotiating the NFL strike. I’m glad I’m not on trial for shooting someone during a drug deal. I’m glad I’m not obsessed with gambling or alcohol or getting old. I’m glad I’m not obsessed with exhibiting Sam at dog shows.

Normal ain’t half bad. It fits Sam and I pretty darned well.

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