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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's high time to support 420 campaign and legalize marijuana

It’s high time we legalize marijuana and quit pussy footing around.  As a medicinal remedy, ol’ Mary Jane supposedly is good for treating glaucoma, nausea, vomiting, autistic rage, multiple sclerosis, cancer pains and a score of other ailments.
But labeling giggle weed, rasta weed, and dinkie dow a medicinal remedy is bull and we all know it. What we really want is the freedom to light up, kick back and smoke a couple of big fatties whenever we feel like it. Unfortunately, the old Nellies in Congress have listened too long to the hysterical lies that say flicking our Bics to an occasional joy stick of wacky tobaccy, loco weed or dope will lead to harder drugs.

I personally never have understood the allure of drugs. I don’t even like taking doctor-prescribed medicines.  But let me come out now and admit I smoked a little Ganga Weed once. Yes, I took one toke over the line, two actually. It happened shortly after I turned 30. I guess I thought 30 was some kind of milestone that needed to be marked by an act of individual chutzpa. But I puffed the magic dragon, inhaled and everything, and didn’t even get the munchies.

It should be abundantly clear to our lawmakers at this point in time, that Americans will not give up B.C. Bud, Acapulco Gold, Maui Wowie or any other bad-for-us thing that we want, just because the do-gooders think they need to save us. Message to do-gooders, “We don’t wanna’ be saved.”

We certainly won’t give up smoking grass, weed or hash as long as it’s glorified in movies and books and when so many drugs to cure any little thing that ails us are constantly being touted on TV.  Repealing the ban on liquor did not create or stop alcoholism.  Limiting speeds on our highways does not stop the illegal speeders or keep people from crashing into each other. Banning guns (although I’m tempted) does not keep us from getting our hands on bang-bangs and shooting each other down.

If our lawmakers would allow it, we could even use marijuana to produce bio-fuel and reduce our dependence on food crops to run our cars. Researchers at the University of Connecticut are studying the viability of converting cannabis sativa, or marijuana, into bio-fuel.

“The plant’s ability to grow in infertile soils also reduces the need to grow it on primary croplands, which can then be reserved for growing food,” says Richard Parnas, a professor of chemicals, materials and bimolecular engineering, who led the study.
The University of Idaho has been involved in biodiesel research since 1979. The Biodiesel Fuel Education Program is committed to providing unbiased, science-based information about biodiesel for biodiesel producers and distributors, fleet operators, farmers and feedstock producers, policy makers, and consumers.

Marijuana or its cousin hemp also have many uses besides medicinal or recreational, from animal bedding and feed at farms to making twine, rope, carpets, clothing, newsprint, cardboard and packaging, personal hygiene products like shampoos, soap and makeup and building products like stucco, mortar and paint. The list is lengthy and all this from a crop that grows like a weed.
Sam and I are 420 for legalizing marijuana. 

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