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Monday, June 20, 2011

Army could go greener if we stamped out all those wars

Sam and I see that Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn has responded to the Congressional mandate that our military go green and save energy by saying, “The less energy we need the more operationally resilient we will be.”

Hello! Hasn’t anybody notified the Def. Sec. that we wouldn’t use so much energy if we didn’t invade countries for no good reason? Besides, Sam and I thought the Army (uniform anyway) already was green.

Almost at the same time, the Food and Drug Administration has released new regulations for sunscreen labeling. There has to be some star-crossed correlation of the two events.  Maybe all the old sunscreen that will soon hit the garbage cans has enough grease in it to be converted into gas. Only problem we can see with that is all the Humvees driving around smelling like coconuts and soldiers wasting their time lovingly applying rejected SPF 10 to their tank fenders.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that soldiers in WWII used approximately one gallon of fuel a day. Today’s soldier uses approximately 20 gallons a day. Are they drinking that stuff? Or maybe they are driving all over the desert burning up gas so they can stock up on double Green Stamps or Blue Chip Stamps and buy neato stuff. Remember Green Stamps and Blue Chip Stamps?

My buddies and I on the California Highway Patrol back  in the early 70’s before the first gas crisis, would drive like madmen patrolling our assigned beats at high rates of speed, to burn as much gas as we could so we could pull into a gas station on double stamp days and obtain fistfuls of S&H Green Stamps or Blue Chip Stamps. I don’t remember what I bought with all the stamp books I filled up – a baby crib one time I think - but yeah we were stupid.

One day, after burning up a tank of gas racing around like a uniformed idiot, I pulled into a gas station where a large steel-framed sign, the size of a full sheet of plywood stood next to a pump announcing that the station kept very little cash on hand and the safe inside could only be opened at certain times by qualified personnel. I pulled my patrol car right up to that big imposing sign – which I clearly saw and acknowledged – and after the attendant filled my tank, proceeded to drive right over the top of it! And I forgot to collect my stamps!

Former U.S. Army staff sergeant U.S. Army staff sergeant Stevan Nathan Ringo, 26, of Marrero, La., was sentenced recently to 90 months in prison for accepting more than $400,000 in cash payments from a government contractor in exchange for creating and submitting fraudulent paperwork permitting that contractor to steal fuel from a base in Afghanistan. The total value of the fuel stolen was nearly $1.5 million.

If our own soldiers and contractors are stealing fuel, you can just bet the Iraqis and Afghanis are doing it too. Three bags of poop on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's stamp them out.

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