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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Give those snakes a big WHAM

Say, did you catch the June 16, issue of The Seattle Times story about the Rexburg, Idaho couple who had to go to court and declare bankruptcy to get out of paying for a house a real estate agent assured them didn’t contain any snakes? Boy did that agent speak with a forked tongue!

The locals apparently already called the place the snake house. They knew. But the poor unsuspecting buyers plunked their money down and moved into what appeared to be a beautiful five-bedroom manse on five bucolic and pastoral acres only to find out that they were sharing their dream castle with hundreds if not thousands of slithering, slimy things, some as much as two feet long. The buyers’ dream soon turned into a nightmare.

The Rexburg couple waged a valiant war of WHAM – Whack Hard And Maim - against the snakes, like Sam and I advocated in an earlier blog post but they were so totally outnumbered and overwhelmed they had to give up the fight. Their unwelcome house guests had crawled into every crook, cranny and crevice they could hide in. The couple killed 42 snakes inside their house in one day. At times, there were so many snakes slithering around in the yard the couple said the grass appeared to be moving.

The home probably was built on top of a winter snake den or hibernaculum, where snakes gather in large numbers to hibernate, according to a wildlife biologist with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Get that word, “hibermate?” Hm-m.

Snakes used to scare the heck out of me but I have learned to leave them alone as long as they don’t invade my personal space. Invade my personal space and WHAM! Sam just thinks they’re fun to chase.

For what it’s worth Hartford Hospital in Connecticut is conducting a study where participants are given a medication called D-cycloserine, an FDA approved antibiotic, to help them overcome their fear of snakes. The study examines whether the medication will aid exposure therapy participants have received; the exposure therapy includes handling live snakes. Not for me thanks.

I saw a television report on the study. A nice middle-aged-looking woman was gingerly handling a snake after taking a pill. The snake was a creepy orange and white one. It slithered over the woman’s hands and arms . . . ooo. Ick!

I still prefer doling out a WHAM or two over making friends with snakes. As far as I’m concerned, the only good snake is a properly flattened snake. I share my enthusiasm for flattening snakes with the Fat Broad in the BC comic strip. Right on honey!

Hartford Hospital wants to keep information from its study confidential. Sam and I can appreciate that. No savvy researcher wants it to leak out that a test subject freaked after playing patty cake with old Mr. Snakerrooski and ran up a tree sucking his thumb and yelling “mommy.”

I got Sam’s permission to levy three bags of poop on snakes.

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