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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Body art? I don't think so

I saw a video on my computer today from E News Now; it showed this guy sporting 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts’ face etched onto his body. That seemed pretty weird to me.
“I’d have Lassie’s face tattooed onto my body, Sam said.
“I think Lassie was a male,” I said.
“What difference does that make,” Sam said. “You had me neutered.”
“What do you like about Lassie?” I inquired.
“That beautiful long hair,” Sam said. “I’m a sucker for dogs with long hair.”
“But if Lassie’s a guy . . .?”
“It’s the long hair,” Sam said.
“I can dig that,” I told him. “I’m a sucker for women with long hair myself, especially when it’s in a ponytail.”
“Ponytail?” Sam snorted. “I thought ponytails only came on horses.”
“What did you think about that Chihuahua in the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua?" I asked, steering the conversation back on track.
“Cute, but too bald,” Sam said. “A dog without hair is like a bone without meat.”
I can’t help wondering how much tattoos cost. Apparently the guy with Julia Roberts’ face told E News Now that he’d spent about $3,000 on his artwork. That comes out to just under $37 a pop, which doesn’t seem too extreme. But, I wonder if Julia Roberts could sue the dude for unauthorized use of her likeness. Of course he wasn’t advertising anything as far as I could tell – except his weirdness.
Geez! I’ve never had a crush like that on a woman. I mean, I was pretty obsessed with Winona in first grade. But when my parents moved us out of Quincy to Ukiah (that’s in California), I knew I had to let go. 
I don’t understand this current craze for tattoos. I know I’m getting a little long in the tooth, but when I was younger only criminals or what my mom called never-do-wells had tattoos.  My brother, who was a state prison guard in California for several years, used to be able to tell me which prison a guy with a particular tattoo came from. For the life of me though, I can’t tell where all these pretty girls with tattoos are coming from. Are they wanna-be criminals, biker chicks, advertisements for, uh certain personal services? And then there’s the whole body piercing thing.
Hooboy! I ain’t piercing any orifices of my body with metal objects. No thank you. I had Sam microchipped for safety’s sake. I hope that’s not the same thing.
Do you tattoo? Sam and I say GAG, spitooie, and hasta la vista baby to tattoos and body piercings. Three bags of poop on that.

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