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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bummer trip dude

I asked Sam this morning if he’d ever been on a bad trip.
“Why? He asked, “Just because I was racing around the house yesterday trying to alert you that I had to go outside, like NOW?”
“I saw this report on 60 Minutes the other night,” I explained, “that some bad dudes in other countries are counterfeiting drugs and selling them here.”
The problem with counterfeit drugs is that they aren’t likely to contain the same ingredients found in legitimate drugs. Taking counterfeits, therefore, could be hazardous to your health. Swallow a bad clone of your prescription medicine and you might wind up wishing you had paid more serious attention to the fine print on the warning label that said, “Can cause diarrhea, vomiting, give you a real itchy rash, a bad case of warts, conkus of the bunkus or whatever, and – oh yeah - in some cases can cause death,” if there even is a warning label.
What if you take a headache pill and that pill has a little cyanide in it? HELLO heart stoppage! Hey, somebody spiked some over-the-counter headache pills with cyanide a few years ago. Suppose you take something to stop a simple gas attack and your mildly annoying case of fruity flatulence turns into a runaway version of Old Faithful diarrhea?
Drug counterfeiting has become so widespread, a convict in Georgia nearly succeeded in halting his execution. He argued that the sodium thiopental to be used as part of a three-drug cocktail to send him to bye-bye-bad-boy land was counterfeit- - bought from a “fly-by-night” supplier in England. I picked that up in a story by The Associated Press.  I guess it could be considered a bum trip when your execution drugs don’t work to send you to hell the way they’re supposed to.
Of course the potential to make big bucks is behind drug counterfeiting. When you consider that some pills manufactured by major (legitimate) drug companies cost hundreds of dollars each – such as some cancer pills – you don’t need to pop a blue braniac gel cap to understand that selling at lower prices, like some of our fast-food purveyors and giant retailers is the way to get rich.
I don’t want to promote so-called adult content in this blog, but as an another example, somebody sent me a flyer purportedly from the Canadian Health & Care Mall, promising to sell Viagra for $1.85 per pill, Cialis for $1.75 and Levitra for $2.50. You know what those are for, right? You take one so your googly-eyed significant other, who’s been panting at the bedroom door for lo these many nights, can finally gain some measure of satisfaction from your performance.  These wondrous libido drugs generally cost more than $20 a pop.
Anyway, what’s really scary about counterfeit drugs is that your doctor or pharmacist may not even know they’re dispensing bad pills. As far as they know, the pills came from legitimate sources. Maybe outfits like Canadian Health & Care Mall are legit. But as you’ve often heard, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
Sam and I think this counterfeit drug thing is a really bad trip. What do you think?

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