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Friday, November 15, 2013

Protecting Christmas A Good Idea, But Not from Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate, is touring the country promoting her new book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas. This is the third book Palin’s authored, which begs the question, “Will we never be rid of her!?”

Palin launched her book tour in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania. The city’s nickname is the "Christmas City" and because of its name it draws many tourists during the holiday season.

The title of Palin’s new book is derived from Luke 2:10: “And the angel said unto them (the shepherd), Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.” HarperCollins is the book’s publisher.

David Freedlander says in an article in The Daily Beast, “In her book Palin calls for bringing back the freedom to express the Christian values of the season. She asserts the importance of preserving Jesus Christ in Christmas—in public displays, school concerts, pageants, and our expressions to one another other—and laments the over-commercialization and homogenization of Christmas in today’s society.”

Palin’s book costs $60, which leads Sam and I to believe she’s trying to raise political campaign funds as well as renew interest in Christian values. Maybe that beats hosting $1,000-dollar-a-plate chicken dinners. Other people apparently are questioning her real motives too.

In his article titled Sarah Palin’s Battleground Book Tour for ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy,’ Freedlander writes, “It may look like a regular book tour, complete with stops at the Walmart Supercenter in Wausau, Wisconsin, and Barnes & Noble bookstores from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to Bloomington, Minnesota, and some few choice TV hits on theToday show, CNN, and Fox & Friends. But Freedlander says, “When Sarah Palin embarked on her own 15-city swing Tuesday in Easton, Pennsylvania, she plunged herself into the heart of a debate roiling the Republican Party between the moderate establishment on one hand and Tea Party fist-raisers on the other.”

“Her message resonates with the average person,” insists Ron Devito, who runs the website US4Palin. He is quoted by Freedlander saying, “She supports limited government, free markets, low taxes, and our Constitution.”

Josh Green, a political correspondent on MSNBC reportedly said in Bloomberg Business Week, “Sarah Palin is an entertainer. She is not a politician anymore. She is the equivalent of Skid Row or one of those ’80s bands that is out on the state festival circuit with the carnies and the farm animals playing their greatest hits and trying to earn a dollar.”

Here’s a review of Palin’s new book from a blogger named Patrick.

“We bow to New York Magazine,” Patrick says, “Also, we pity them. They apparently listened to the full 4 1/2 hour audio-version of Sarah Palin's new Christmas book, in which she claims to declare war on the war against Christmas, and they wrote a funny piece about it. As New York Magazine explains in their article  it turned out to be a modern method of torture. The magazine created an interactive Christmas tree which you can click and hear the book’s more memorable lines. Here are a few samples:

According to Sarah Palin, quote:

"Walgreens’ 24-page nationwide circular used the word holiday 36 times without one mention of Christmas.

The war on Christmas is the tip of the spear in a larger battle to secularize our culture, and make true religious freedom a thing of America’s past.

There are few things that anger a secular liberal atheist more than a horizontal plank intersecting a vertical plank — a cross — on public land.

The logical result of atheism, a result we have seen right in front of our eyes in one of the world’s oldest and proudest nations, is severe moral decay.

It’s about that little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes who arrived long before hope and change became political manipulations.

Atheism’s track record makes the Spanish Inquisition seem like Disneyland by comparison."

Sam and I would levy three bags of poop on Palin’s new book, but if listening to its audio sample is half as hilarious as Patrick says it is, it may just be a good way to start the “holiday” off with a little Ho! Ho! Ho!

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