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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is Your Daughter (or Son) Lying To You About Having Sex?

Can you believe there are companies pushing portable lie detector kits to find out if your child is lying to you? One internet ad Sam and I saw even suggested using a lie detector kit to find out if your teenage daughter was sexually active..

Another company’s internet ad says you can catch liars with its Spy Gear Lie Detector Kit. “Attach the sensor to the finger of the suspected person. Ask them a hard-hitting question and watch their reaction. If the lights on this toy lights up then it shows that the person is not telling the truth.”

If you’re not a DIY you can hire an outfit like the Global Polygraph Network to administer a lie detector test for you. According to its ad, “GPN is the world's largest provider of polygraph (lie detection) services and referrals. With over 1,300 years of combined experience, we offer confidential testing on virtually any issue by experienced examiners and have hundreds of testing sites around the world to select from.”

But hey, if your daughter’s a pathological liar you can buy a product called Teen Screen, a semen detection system that allows parents to "monitor your child's sexual activity from the privacy of your own home by identifying traces of semen on undergarments or other clothes, sheets, upholstery or furniture.”

According to an article in the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, you “add a few drops of Teen Screen’s enzymatic sensitive fluid to a selected test area, then rub the area with blotting paper and bingo: a purple stain reveals the presence of dried semen - for days after the event .”

Literature from Evergreen Industries in Seattle, the manufacturer of Teen Screen, reportedly says, "Prevent your child from becoming a statistic. She brings the evidence home to you without even knowing it. It's the most powerful tool a parent ever had.”

The arrival of Teen Screen has horrified Australian adolescence experts according to the Morning Herald. "What a massive invasion of privacy! It blows trust and respect out of the window," the paper quotes Melbourne adolescent psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

The Morning Herald reported that Australian experts believe vigilant parents are the best protection for young people from risky early sexual activity. "It is really important for parents to connect and communicate with teenagers as they move into the teens. My advice is parents should know what your teens are doing, where they are, who they are with - without resorting to devices of this kind. And let your teen know that you know - that's a very powerful strategy," said the director of the Centre for Adolescent Health in Melbourne, Dr George Patton.

Experts say it’s best to bring up the issue of premature and premarital sex, before it happens.

In a Parents magazine article titled Is My Child Having Sex? parenting expert Jan Faull, MEd says, “Voice your concerns. Talk of your hopes and dreams for your child's future. Explain that physical and emotional issues related to sex -- and this includes the possibility of a baby -- could ruin her future plans.

“To forbid your daughter to have sex or to deny her contraception is na├»ve,” Faull says, “to think that you can watch your daughter and her boyfriend at all times is unrealistic. Teens are very skilled about finding a way to satisfy their sexual urges. Telling a sexually interested or active teenager to not engage in sexual activity is like shoveling sand against the adolescent tide. “

And if all else fails, check out Jimmy Kimmel’s Youtube video where he administers a lie detector test to a seven-year old boy. Three bags of poop on lie detector tests.

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