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Monday, September 2, 2013

My Perkins University Idea has been Trumped by The Donald

Sam and I see that Donald Trump is in trouble - uh, again. Sorry to speak ill of a person, but nobody deserves the trouble he’s seeing more than that old Big Hair Comb-Over Blondie Boob. What a total yahoo!

According to the news, Trump is being sued by the states of New York and California for “bilking” students who enrolled in his Trump University. In New York he’s accused of using an unlicensed university real estate program to scam would-be real estate investors who sought his secrets of success. The California case is similar. Apparently, the gist of the two suits is the contention that Trump U is anything but a real university. It is reported that the state of New York’s education people told Trump that using the name “university” was illegal because the so-called school wasn’t officially chartered as a university.

According to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, more than 5,000 people paid Trump University some $40 million, a quarter of which went straight to Trump himself. "Mr. Trump used his celebrity status and personally appeared in commercials making false promises to convince people to spend tens of thousands of dollars they couldn't afford on lessons they never got," Schniederman said in a press release. In his legal filing, he accuses Trump University of "deceptive acts and practices," false advertising, "operating an unlicensed private school," refusing to provide mandated refunds, and other misdeeds.”

To quote an article in USA Today by Kevin McCoy, “the New York case charges: students were lured to free, 90-minute classes that served as a sales pitch for a three-day seminar that cost $1,495. These seminars were an upsell to Trump Elite packages starting around $10,000 and ending with a year-long membership for $35,000.”

Furthermore, “A marketing campaign claimed that students would be taught by real estate experts whom Trump hand picked.”

Allegedly, Trump U's "handpicked" instructors didn't know anything about real estate, and Trump, who was supposed to appear at the three-day seminar and share secrets of his success, never showed up.

I guess all this means that Sam and I won’t be able to carry out our plans for Perkins University. Dang it. We’ve bought T-shirts and baseball caps and everything, and I’ve been telling everybody who asked about Perkins University, that we would enroll anybody who had adequate scholarship money. Darn! Trump has ruined everything. I guess Perkins University won’t have its own official mascot now and we’ll have to cancel those cheerleader tryouts. Sam and I are bummed.

Bu there are so many on-line universities these days touting themselves as as “focused Universities that accommodate your lifestyle with quality undergraduate and graduate programs.” Earning a degree at one of these schools is supposed to be faster, more affordable, than if you attend a regular university. Just get yourself some financial aid select the program that fits your passion, and you’re on your way to your degree.

Hey! Perkins University could have been flexible. BA, BS, MBA, whatever it was your little heart desired, we could have helped. Three bags of poop on The Donald for destroying your dream and ours.

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