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Friday, September 20, 2013

Be Good or Be Miserable.So Much for Blatant Hedonism.

A reader board outside a local church this week said, “Striving to please yourself leads to misery.”

Aww crap! I knew it. I guess that means I better not fall off the diet wagon again and eat a bunch of cookies like I did Sunday while watching the Seahawks football game. I admit I was miserable enough on Monday I didn’t want to look at another raisin or chocolate chip.

Sam and I suspect the minister at that church with the reader board was trying to tell us we should live lives that are more pleasing to God. Okay. We’ll buy that. But it ain’t easy. If I remember correctly the Bible says we’ll suffer as followers of Christ. That sucks. Nobody wants to suffer, least of all me and Sam.

We wonder though if Miley Cyrus is miserable and suffering since she did that nearly naked hootchie kootchie dance on TV. Reportedly, her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is now off. Suppose the dance had anything to do with that?

According to an article by Scott Gleeson in USA Today’s sports section, University of Alabama football player T.J. Yeldon felt miserable enough after engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct during Saturday’s game against Texas A&M, that he apologized afterward. Seems he had given in to the selfish urge to taunt his opponents and felt shame.

That’s one of the problems with selfishness - the shame . On the other hand, it doesn’t appear that A-Rod and most of those other baseball players who swallowed performance-enhancing drugs have experienced much shame. Maybe the millions of dollars they are paid takes away much of the sting. You suppose?

Several of our recent mass shootings have ended in the shooter killing himself before the cops got to him; maybe the shooters felt miserable enough about their heinous acts they knew they couldn’t face themselves in a mirror or a jury of their peers afterward. Apparently though, the latest shooter - at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. - didn’t have much opportunity to feel miserable because the cops did send him to kingdom come before he could do himself in. Ah, Justice, thy name is sweet!

Another example of pleasing yourself leading to misery: cheating on your spouse. People, if you’re going to fool around count on this - YOU ARE GOING TO GET CAUGHT! Then your (formerly) significant other is going to make your life a living hell - eh Tiger?

You also could please yourself by maxing out your credit cards, cheating on your taxes, embezzling funds from your employer or your stockholders but trust me being locked in jail is misery. I put a few people in jail. It’s not a nice place. I try to imagine what it would be like to lose the freedom to go outside a little 8x10 cell, to not see your loved ones for years and years, to be unable just to walk down the street and smell the roses. NO Thanks!

I guess you could say I’m being selfish by indulging in writing this blog and you’d probably be right. I hope it’s pleasing to God and to you all at least part of the time. Two poops if it isn’t.

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