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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A New America? Doomsayers Predict More Trouble for U.S.

Dear Readers,

Sam and I came across an article online recently that said, “The America you know and love could look completely different in a matter of weeks.”

(You mean because of all the fires and floods and wanton acts of nature we’ve been subjected to lately)?

The article, appearing in Townhall Daily on the internet, and written by Robert Williams, publisher of Wall Street Daily said, “Under a plan circulating the D.C. corridor right now, up to 16 states are at risk to be terminated due to epic fiscal mis-management.These states would simply be wiped from existence and merged into their neighbors.”

Hmmm. Would that be a bad thing? Especially when you consider, as Williams asserts, that California could wind up becoming part of Mexico. Sam and I thought that already was happening. Doesn’t half the population in the Golden State already habla espanol?

I used to think California was going to be swallowed up by the Pacific Ocean because a giant earthquake was going to break it in half somewhere below the San Francisco-Oakland areas, but it never happened. I bear no ill will toward California but so many of the people in the southern parts of the state used to catterwall about seceding from the state, so I always said flippantly, like Rita Moreno in West Side Story, “Everyone here will have more tears.” NOT! Besides, isn’t Jerry Brown going to right your ship now that Arnold is off chasing his housekeepers ? How do you say, “Keep your hands off me pervert,” in Spanish?

Why can’t California just become a nation of its own? I mean there are more people in that state than many of our other states combined. And they have all that agriculture to feed themselves. I don’t know why the state would want to become part of Mexico, which is just about as broke and has even more smog (if that’s possible).

Unfortunately, Williams says Hawaii might be in danger of drifting away from us too. Where would we vacation? I haven’t been to Hawaii yet. It’s on my bucket list, but if it disappears as part of the United States I suppose I’d have to dig my passport out.

I didn’t read William’s report in total. I don’t usually pay much attention to doomsayers. I do worry a little bit that he might have conjectured that we’d lose the gaming states like Nevada and New Jersey. That could be a big loss of revenue which we couldn’t afford. Hey, but here’s an idea. Why not give our country - or parts of it - back to the Native Americans? They’re raking in billions at their casinos. They could take care of all of us. Maybe they could even afford to give us free universal health care. This might just be an idea whose time has come. Remember, you heard it here first.

Three bags of poop on splitting our country up. Tonto for president (uh, unless he’s Republican).

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