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Monday, July 15, 2013

Quit Harping On Things. Who Do You Think You Are - God

Are you people out there just plain nuts, loathsome, obnoxious and/or both? It goes without saying that Sam and I are glad we aren’t like you, but I’m saying it.

Y’all need to get over yourselves on this George Zimmerman not guilty verdict. Yeah, he killed Trayvon Martin, yeah he made a huge error in judgment, but none of us were there, the jury acquitted him and now you and his parents need to give up your blood lust and let it go. Justice has been served, no matter what you think. Rallies, and preachers railing from the pulpit, protest signs and civil lawsuits are not going to change anything. IT IS DONE. Move on.

Okay, enough about George Zimmerman. Let’s talk about our military. Where are our military men and women supposed to train these days? Sure, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to stay out of another war for a few years - not likely - but it’s important for our military forces to stay tuned up and ready to respond to threats. So, a big raspberry to you people who keep hounding the command at Joint Base Lewis/McChord about night time helicopter flights and those of you who’ve complained about the A-6B Prowler flights over Whidbey Island. Those are the sounds of freedom you dolts. Your complaints remind Sam and I of people who build houses in farm country then complain about manure smells. Oh suck it up a straw bale! Of course freedom could come a little cheaper than the billions of dollars we’re wasted in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. And would you people PULEEZE keep your noses out of Syrian affairs? We do not NOT, NOT, need to go in there to help the rebels. Where are your brains?

Okay, let’s tackle abortion. Boy, here’s a no-win situation. Sam and I totally agree what a woman does with/to her body is her business and her business alone. We do not like abortion. We believe it is against God’s will, but let the woman who has the abortion wrestle with her conscience and God. We should not be her judges and jury (especially in light of how we react in cases like George Zimmerman’s and O.J. Simpson, to mention just a couple of for instances). How can we in good conscience tell a woman who was brutally raped that she has to live the rest of her life with a child that will be a constant reminder of what happened to her? On the other hand, it seems kind of reasonable that a 20-week-old fetus (that’s five months old!) shouldn’t be aborted. If a five-month old fetus isn’t a person, who is? And too many fetuses are aborted simply because it’s inconvenient for the mother and/or father to raise a child. Bottom line though, we need to quit trying to legislate what we think is right from wrong.

Three bags of poop on you nosey bodies, you whiners, and you hangmen for justice. Go back to your television sets and watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island or Friends or something to take your mind off your own bellicose seriousness.

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