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Friday, April 12, 2013

Like I've Always Said, Ain't Nobody Like Me Baby!

Sam and I like a quote that our friend Susan passed along to us via Face book.

“You are amazing, unique and beautiful. There is nothing more you need to be or do or have in order to be happy. You are perfect just as you are. Yes. Really. So smile, give love and enjoy every moment of you precious life.”

Apparently the quote came from somebody named Lynell St. James. Thanks Susan!

Of course, all ego aside, I’ve long thought that I was amazing and unique. Ain’t nobody else like me baby. Well, almost no one else. One time years ago when I was a young police officer I pulled a woman over for speeding and she commenced waxing reminiscent about some quality time we’d spent together in Reno. I did not know the woman and thought she was just trying to talk me out of writing her a ticket (no way!). Anyway, after a few minutes of totally wondering what that woman was going on about, it dawned on me that she had confused me with a co-worker who looked a lot like me. He and I had a good laugh about the mix up later and he confessed to being the me the woman thought I was (??).

This all leads me to say that I’ve long believed there are virtual clones of all of us out there, so how unique can we really be? Another time I was doing a little therapy and I said something that prompted the therapist to point out how common (average) my thoughts made me. OUCH! She was trying to be helpful, but she wasn’t. I promptly informed her that I hated being average and would appreciate it she would no longer think of me as such.

Sam thinks he’s pretty unique too. Yesterday, while walking in the park he made me stop until a lady - whom I swear I’d never met - caught up to us. Then he proceeded to nuzzle her leg and stand up on his hind legs for petting. The woman said she knew Sam but I sure didn’t remember her meeting him.

Sam is beautiful; especially after he’s been freshly groomed. I call him terminally cute because he is so danged precious and precocious. I don’t know if I’m so beautiful. I like to think so but sometimes I look in the mirror first thing in the morning and something that appears to be the unshaved bed head from the black lagoon growls back at me. Scary! Fortunately, every once in awhile I get a look from some lady in a grocery store or somewhere and that is real nice. So maybe I’m not uglier than the side of a blown out tire anyway. Thanks ladies, whoever you may be.

As far as not needing anything else in order to be happy. W-e -l-l-l. That may be true, but if I could just have a little more sunshine and a few more dollars in the bank I THINK I’d be a little happier. Sam would definitely be happier if he could be outside more. This morning we saw three deer in our back yard and boy Sam would have been really happy if he could have chased them off. We were in the truck heading out so all he could do was bark, but he did a great job of that (ears are still ringing). He wanted to chase a cat he saw the other night too and the squirrels and rabbits that run across our yard get him pretty riled up also.

But we try to take life as it comes. Three bags of poop on us if we can’t be content, eh? We’re smiling. Feel our love? Surely the universe is just as it should be. Ciao!

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