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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Allow Someone to Express Their Joy Today. Just Do It.

You know that song, “Make Someone Happy?”

Sam and I think to make someone happy you have to let them have their joy. Know what we mean by that? It’s difficult sometimes to let someone have their joy. It’s all too easy for us as a parent or spouse or friend to express disapproval (even if we try not to show it) of another person’s joy. We don’t think they are talented enough or dedicated enough or will be lucky enough to achieve their joy, and we spoil the full realization of their joy. That’s sad, and really, what business is it of ours what they want to do to be happy?

One of Sam’s great joys is to roll in the dirt or in some stinky stuff left behind by another animal or something distastefully similar. One time he derived great joy from rolling in a bunch of needles and other debris from Christmas trees being collected at the park. Boy was he a mess! It took me nearly an hour of brushing to rid his hair of all the crap he’d picked up. But if you had seen his face when he was rolling in that stuff, you’d have seen pure joy.

The sad thing is, as Sam’s caretaker, I too often deny him his joy. I don’t always want to walk where he wants to walk or worse, when he wants to walk. I don’t always want to play fetch with him. I do generally rub his tummy when he wants me to and I usually give him treats when he wants them so at least I’m batting about .500. But it’s all too easy to not even be aware that you’re taking away someone’s joy.

Say your spouse or significant other wants to take art classes. Do you poo poo the idea? Even if you don’t try to argue your spouse out of taking art classes, does the disapproval and the “You -don’t-have-any-art-talent-scowl show plainly on your face? If so, you probably will see the hurt and feeling of rejection on your spouse’s face.

What about your child, do you squelch your child’s enthusiasm and potential joy by telling him or her that they could never make the team because there are bigger and more talented players? Worse yet, do you destroy their joy in school by always talking about how much you hated it when you were young or about how incompetent and lazy teachers are?

It’s so easy to take away someone’s joy. Every time someone tells you he or she is going to do something and all you say is “really?” you destroy the joy. It’s as simple as that and it’s something worth thinking about.

I’d like to go on record right now to tell my daughter Gillie I totally approve of the fact that she rescues feral cats and helps them find adoptive homes. It’s Gillie’s joy and it’s right on baby! See her site on Facebook save the valmark kitties. I’d also like to tell my granddaughter Sarah that I think it’s cool she’s enrolled in pastry school. Drool! Her mama preceded her in culinary school and did very well. Like mother like daughter, eh? Kathleen is learning to play the recorder. Toot-toot-tootsie! You’re doing great. My nephew Paul has started a radio station KWUB. Good luck Paul! Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

Make someone happy today by expressing approval of their joy. Three bags of poop on you if you don’t.

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