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Monday, March 18, 2013

Roy Is Still My Hero No Matter What Happened in Las Vegas

Say it isn’t so Roy, say it isn’t so!

Globe Magazine reached out and grabbed me at the grocery store checkout counter this week saying “Roy Rogers Bedded Marilyn Monroe and Linda Lovelace.”

I didn’t buy the Globe but I rushed home to look the story up online. Sam’s becoming used to me rushing home and looking up something I just saw or heard

According to, “The legacy of beloved singing cowboy Roy Rogers has been tarnished by revelations in a new book about porn star-turned-feminist Linda Lovelace. In Inside Linda Lovelace's Deep Throat, author Darwin Porter has uncovered the truth behind the hooker and X-rated star's celebrity conquests, detailing alleged sexy romps with Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman, Johnny Carson and even Katharine Hepburn.

“But it's a one-night tryst with Rogers that'll shock most readers.

“Porter claims Rogers booked Lovelace for a threesome with a Las Vegas showgirl when he was in his 60s. The author alleges Rogers had a dark side that "came out on his secret visits to Las Vegas, where he patronized hookers" and enjoyed kinky sex he didn't get at home. According to Porter, he paid Lovelace $300 to spank her - and he gave her priceless showbiz gossip too, revealing he had bedded Marilyn Monroe in 1946 when she was a young hopeful by the name of Norma Jean Baker.”

Kathleen says I shouldn’t pass gossip along in this blog and she’s probably right, and I think Sam might agree with her too. But boy a juicy tidbit about my favorite cowboy, my childhood hero, is too salacious to ignore. The Globe has the story splattered across its front page in every grocery store from hereto Timbuktu anyway

You may not know that Roy, aka the King of the Cowboys, was born in Ohio 1911 as Leonard Franklin Slye . He became famous during a radio show in the late 1940s and on television in the 50s. His third (or fourth?) wife was Dale Evans whom he managed to stay with for many years of happy trails. His horse Trigger was a golden palomino that he had stuffed, his dog, a German shepherd, was named Bullet and his sidekicks at different times were Gabby Hayes, Andy Devine or Pat Brady. On the Roy Rogers television show, Brady used to drive an old Jeep often saying “Whoa Nellie!” to get control of the ornery thing. Roy Roger’s biography is quite lengthy and contains surprises like the fact that he sang with The Sons of The Pioneers and has a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame.

Of course, nowhere in Roy’s history is there even a hint of anything happening in Vegas that should have stayed in Vegas - until now. I know he was a red-blooded American movie star during the promiscuous era of the 60s and if he HAD been unfaithful to Dale, who would really be surprised? Look at all the other famous guys who have been tattled on over the last few years.

Still, Sam and I tend to go along with a lady blogger named Kathie who apparently lives in Concord, NC and writes a blog called Refined Reality. She says, “FYI - Roy Rogers was fifteen years older than Marilyn Monroe and thirty-eight years older than Linda Lovelace. I know age doesn’t matter when it comes to love or lust, but I’d still have to challenge the validity of the story.”

Right on Kathie! Three bags of poop on anyone smearing Roy Rogers’ good name.

As for the Globe’s article about England’s Queen Elizabeth entering her last days and a big squabble brewing who’ll be next on the throne - give it to Charles. He’s waited long enough to swoop in on his golden palomino and take over.


  1. So what else is new? The news media and Internet has nothing but junk on it. Who do you believe?

  2. These people have nothing better to write! You should be sued!

  3. They just want to try and ruin a good mans reputation!!