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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rating the Super Bowl Ads

Okay. Sam and I are going to succumb to the pressure of rating our favorite Super Bowl TV commercials and just be like everyone else for a change (ugh).

Number one was a tough choice between the Dodge Ram commercial with Paul Harvey’s voice-over about farmers, and the Budweiser beer commercial about the Clydesdale horse recognizing his trainer/handler after he (the horse) was all grown up.

But we gave the Dodge commercial a slight edge over the Clydesdale commercial because - even though we’re sick of hearing about Dodge’s guts and glory - we liked Paul Harvey’s voice-over a lot and it really stretched credibility to believe the Clydesdale would break ranks with his horsemates and go running to greet some guy he hadn’t seen for a long time. Having worked around horses for a couple of years and learning how smart they were, it’s not impossible to believe the Clydesdale could have done what he did, it just didn’t seem real probable. Besides, Bud isn’t a00% American anymore.

So, Dodge #1 and Budweiser #2.

Number 3, as far as Sam and I are concerned was the Coca Cola ad where different groups of people were racing to get to a big bottle of Coke. Sam and I were rooting for the showgirls on the bus, who (we think) won. And did we totally miss it or was Pepsi nowhere in sight?

The Number 4 commercial had to be the Audi one that featured a guy driving his dad’s Audi to the prom and gaining enough confidence from the experience to kiss the prom queen. Of course he got punched in the face, but hey, the prom queen . . .?

The Hyundai commercial probably came in at number 5, except that more people seemed to like Beyonce bouncing around selling sex at half time. Why did the sports world get in such an uproar when Janet Jackson merely lost a boob cover? Good grief, she was covered up like a woman in a Taliban-held country compared to Beyonce strutting around bare-legged and firing crotch shots at the audience. We still don’t know if she can actually sing. I don’t remember Barbara Streisand or Bette Midler or Connie Francis or Patsy Cline or those new gals Susan Boyle and Adele having to dance around like monkeys on Performance Enhancing Drugs to convince us they could carry a tune.

Sam and I think the big reason the Forty-Niners made such a comeback in the third period was because they didn’t watch Beyonce and the Ravens did. The Ravens became totally untracked - then the lights went out! Fortunately for the Ravens they were able to regain their composure in time to emerge the Super Bowl winner dang it).

The Taco Bell commercial was kind of lame. So was Oreo’s. It’s probably pretty hard to be original AND funny when you have $3.8 million riding on a 30-second spot. Go-Daddy’s commercial totally stunk; ditto Best Buy, ditto Samsung , ditto Doritos

One of my favorite all-time Super Bowl commercials was the ad featuring Nissan cars (I believe) and the birds waiting for a chance to poop on a car. I loved that one.

Anyway, Sam and I wish to award the Golden Bag of Poop to the Dodge commercial. If Dodge would just give up using the raspy, all-American voice of whomever the all-man tough guy is who tries to convince us Dodge is all guts and glory it would be a nice change. Hey Dodge! How about shooting a commercial along the lines of, “Silly boys, trucks are for girls.” That’d be a hoot. It’s just a suggestion, don’t have a Hemmi over it!

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