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Monday, December 3, 2012

Season's Greetings to Y'all

A church reader board Sunday read, “It’s okay to say Merry Christmas.”

Sam and I say right on to that! It’s not so much that we mind people chirping, “Happy holidays,” at us, but it ticks us off when we’re pretty sure they’re saying that instead of “Merry Christmas” in hopes of being more politically correct or in order to sell us more stuff we don’t need.

“Merry Christmas” is a traditional American greeting this time of year. And as far as Sam and I are concerned, that traditional greeting is worth saving and repeating as often as possible. Our traditions reflect the heritage of our culture. “Merry Christmas” is as valid as any of our traditions and ought not to be scrapped just to avoid offending someone. Let ‘em be offended.

Hey you! Merry Christmas! Dig it?

Churches and others say Christ is the reason for the season and that’s why we should say “Merry Christmas” and erect nativity scenes and Christmas trees. Our government entities and the courts in recent years, however, have decreed that erecting nativities and Christmas trees and other religious symbols on public property is a holiday ixnay because those things don’t adhere to the separation of church and state. Our forefathers were wise to insist on separation of church and state in our Constitution. It means no government by religion and if you ever watch some of the religious nutburgers on TV - from Baptists to Ayatollahs - you understand why the separation rule is cool - especially during Yule (I made that up, cute huh?).

America is such a polyglot of races and religions because we have welcomed so many people of different cultures to live here. That’s what makes America such a great country. But why can’t we just say “Merry Christmas,” if we want to? We’ve been saying, “Merry Christmas,” probably since this country was born.

Even though I personally believe in the story of Christ’s birth, it’s mainly because I was raised to believe it. But I say “Merry Christmas,” because I don’t say Happy Hanukkah, or happy Kwanzaa or whatever. I like to say “Merry Christmas.” If you’re Jewish or African or any other race or ethnicity that believes in delivering a holiday greeting different from “Merry Christmas,” just do it. I tell you “Merry Christmas,” you tell me “Happy Kwanzaa,” we shake or embrace and each go on our way.

None of us should be afraid or ashamed to greet people the way we want to. THAT”S what freedom of religion really is all about. Our holiday greetings do not necessarily contain religious undertones just because we say them. That’s like being accused of sexual harassment just because you say hi to a woman. Good grief!

I confess I do miss Christmas celebrations in our schools, but luckily, I don’t go to school anymore. I imagine our kids are doing just fine without learning in public school that Jesus was born and that the Magi went to find him and yada yada.

Two bags of poop on not saying “Merry Christmas,” if that’s what you really want to say. Buck up and spit it out already. Sam and I wish you and yours a VERY merry Christmas.

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